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Listen in Silence


The anagram of listen is silent.

Silence enhances listening. When we listen properly it is possible to respond accurately.

To be able to listen fully, refrain from speaking. Don’t speak through the mouth. Pause the constant chatter within the mind. This will allow you to hear clearly.

Listen with an open mind and you’ll hear the words. Listen with your heart and you’ll understand the meaning of the words. Listen and it will enrich the way you respond.

To hear clearly, listen in silence.


Om Shanti

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Instrument for Change


I am constantly making a choice of what to do and how to do it. In every scene, whether it is happening in my outer world or my inner world, I make choices.

If I consciously chose a new way to do things, a new way to respond to challenges, then that will bring about change in my life. I will become instrumental for that change.

At every moment, let me not just do as I always have, let me not work in an auto pilot mode. Instead let me become an instrument for change in my own life.

Let me change what I have the ability to change – the things that happen in my inner world. This will then automatically bring the reward of changes in my outer world.

Can I be an instrument for change?


Om Shanti

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How do I see others?

To only see someone’s physical form – a 2-year old, a teenager, a 90-year old, with all their present traits, behaviour and outlook – is to limit them to their temporary role. It will be a brief, one-dimensional, snapshot – just a glimpse of a complex human being.

If I am able to experience myself as a soul it will enable me to see others as souls too. In this awareness I will know that they have within them a huge variety of experiences, knowledge and talents, as I myself do, which may not be apparent in a momentary scene.

I will realise the vast hidden depths and beauty of every human soul. The respect for them, that this understanding generates in me, will nurture my relationship with them, but will also nourish all their other relationships.

See with insight, the wonderful reality that is the soul.


Om Shanti

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