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The Control Factor


We all want the best for ourselves and as a result we work hard to make things happen. With determination we can achieve anything.

There is however a difference between the virtue of determination and that of needing to have control over things in order to achieve success.

We often face challenges in achieving our goals. The power of determination will allow us to adjust and adapt to challenges whilst keeping the goal in mind.

Control on the other hand will not allow flexibility and thus will breed fear of not achieving. As a result it will give rise to stress, tension and anger. We will try and control things and make things happen in the way they ‘should be’ and thus try and force things in an ‘un-natural’ way.

No matter how much force we use to control people and circumstances, there is never a guarantee of results. And a forced victory, received at the cost of much hurt and stress, is a bitter fruit.

Learn to hold determination and let go of the need to control.


Om Shanti

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A Step of Fear


What is fear? Does it really exist or is it just an illusion?

Fear in fact is a feeling and feelings are created with our minds. We project thoughts from the past and hearsay into the present situation giving rise to doubt and concern. The quality of thoughts in turn creates what we call FEAR.

The feeling of fear can be crippling. Not only is my behaviour affected but it generates stress in my mental and emotional state of being.

If I can stop the flow of such thoughts for a moment and step inside, away from the influence of past experiences and all the external facts that seems to fuel fear, then I will arrive in a safe space. A space that is real and stable. The more I remain in this space the more I will be able to connect with ‘reality’ as opposed to the ‘illusion’ that is generated through influence.

To stay in this space and sustain the self from here will help be remove fear totally.

Fear is crippling , step away from fear.


Om Shanti

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The Right to be Right


When we decide to do something or say something then of course it is because we believe it to be right.

When two people have opposing views of what is right, then there is a clash.

Many of us cannot tolerate being wrong. We want to be right even at the risk of hurting those close to us and destroying relationships As a result we take on a great deal of stress and pain through the need to be right.

What makes something right and what makes it wrong?

What makes me step down and allow the other persons ‘right’ to be accepted, whilst renouncing my own need to be right?

What is ‘right’ is a matter of perspective and it is possible that both are right from their side.

When I find myself in a state of proving the self to be right, do I have the courage to step back and renounce my right to be right?


Om Shanti

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