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Who Am I?


They say that we are three people: the one I think I am, the one others think I am and the one I really am.

So who am I really? Who am I?
I am a soul.
I am a soul within this body

I know this but do I understand the deep significance of this truth?
Do I even care?

I am a soul…. I am energy, I am light.

As a soul, I am eternal and immortal ….. I am never born and I will never die.

I cannot be seen with these eyes and yet I exist without a doubt.
I am beyond matter and sound, beyond anything tangible yet I know I do exist.

It is I that speaks through these lips and sees through these eye. The body does not see, it is the soul that sees. The body does not speak, it is the soul that speaks through the body.

I am the soul, the traveller and this is my journey through time.


Om Shanti

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Clouds of Ignorance


Ignorance at its worst is when I reject something I don’t know anything about. But to force an opinion, even when I know the facts, is also a form of ignorance.

There will never be a time when I know all things. In a world that is constantly changing, facts only remain facts for a short time.
Everyone has their own perspective in looking at something and perspective is not necessarily based on fact but on experience and perhaps on personal choices. In between the two – facts and perspective – there are various levels of ignorance.

To be wise is to allow everything to be ‘right’ in the grand scheme of things… to understand that my ‘right’ does not mean someone else’s ‘wrong’. It does not work like that.

Remove the clouds of ignorance and allow the mind to work openly in an unlimited way.


Om Shanti

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The Observer


Do I stand and watch the scenes in my drama as they play themselves out in front of me or do I jump In and try and fix things?

If I am able to watch, as an observer, then I will see, appreciate and enjoy each scene for what it is. I will be able to understand the characters and their reactions and above all, whilst seeing everything, I will remain stable within my own peace.

The moment I stop being an observer I become ‘involved’. I will nolonger be able to see, understand or appreciate the characters and the unique roles they play in the scene. Physically, mentally and emotionally I become involved – with something to gain or something to lose in each scene. Internally I will find myself on a battlefield needing to fight for my ‘rights’.

I need to see the full picture in order to be able to make the right move at the right time in any scene in lifes drama. I can only do that if I am an observer.


Om Shanti

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