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My Original Self


When thoughts are expressed they lead to words and action. This expression of thoughts creates an experience for the self and leaves a memory of that experience within the subconscious.

When I repeat the same words and actions again and again, they become a habit. And when habits are repeated, over time, they become my personality – it reflects the way I am.

This personality I am now, has been created, over time, through expression and experience. Layers of experiences have superseded each other with dominating personality traits overpowering more subtle and gentle ones.

I take a deep breath and reflect on this ‘created’ personality of mine and the thought arises from deep within the soul – what was my original personality? Will I ever return to that original pure personality that I was?

And my conscience responds in a whisper – this is the destiny of the soul.


Om Shanti

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Absorbed in Silence


As I journey into the depths of silence, I close behind me the doors to all other sound. Silence is not only a space without words but it is in fact a state beyond sound. My speaking, hearing, seeing and thinking all become silent.

I allow my inner ear to open up and I listen to the sound of silence that is within me. I journey onwards deeper and deeper in to the recesses of my inner world.

I discover that silence has its own vibration and I find I am naturally and effortlessly aligning myself to vibrate at the same frequency.

The sound and vibrations of silence are amplified and in that moment of total focus I become absorbed within silence itself

I am absorbed and I am free from all attractions, influences, desires and even free from fear. It is in this state of being that I become open and available to receive from God – His love, light, power and peace.

Become absorbed in silence and be open to absorb Gods power.


Om Shanti

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Stop and Observe


In a fast moving world that operates on the basis of actions and reactions, is it possible for me to step back and observe?

My automatic reaction to life’s dramas seem to be controlled by a force that I am not directly managing. And then these reactions become the basis of my tomorrow.

In the face of situations let me see if I can apply a brake. To stop and not engage at any level – whether it be my thoughts, words, actions or even feelings.

If I am able to stop then I can become the observer of the scene – Who is doing what and why?

If I can step back even further then I become the observer of the self and my behaviour within the scene. What am I thinking and feeling about the scene and what are the needs and desires which are fuelling that?

Developing the ability to ‘Stop’ will allow me to begin to understand the things that control me from a very deep space within the soul. I begin to reveal myself to myself and in doing so I am able to become free.


Om Shanti

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