Absorbed in Silence

January 12, 2017 at 9:02 am Leave a comment


As I journey into the depths of silence, I close behind me the doors to all other sound. Silence is not only a space without words but it is in fact a state beyond sound. My speaking, hearing, seeing and thinking all become silent.

I allow my inner ear to open up and I listen to the sound of silence that is within me. I journey onwards deeper and deeper in to the recesses of my inner world.

I discover that silence has its own vibration and I find I am naturally and effortlessly aligning myself to vibrate at the same frequency.

The sound and vibrations of silence are amplified and in that moment of total focus I become absorbed within silence itself

I am absorbed and I am free from all attractions, influences, desires and even free from fear. It is in this state of being that I become open and available to receive from God – His love, light, power and peace.

Become absorbed in silence and be open to absorb Gods power.


Om Shanti

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Stop and Observe My Original Self

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