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Spiritual Pilgrim


I am a spiritual pilgrim, a spiritual traveller, travelling through time.

The journey is long – it seems to go on and on to beyond.

Where am I going to?
A gentle response, from deep within the soul, utters – It is a pilgrimage from myself back to me.

It is an incognito journey I take to find myself. A journey I take alone, that no-one else can see or understand.
It happens in this moment, and in every moment that passes by. The journey is rooted within myself – within the active experience of my thoughts, feelings and emotions.
The happiness and joy, the stress and anger, the friend and the enemy, the bonus and the challenge – these, and more, are all scenes and side scenes that I pass through each day. They are on the journey but are not the destination.

I must journey on and just let them pass…and they will. I don’t need to pack them up and carry them on my journey – that would just be excess baggage that will make the journey more difficult.

Let me not stop. Let me let go and continue my pilgrimage back to me.

Om Shanti

February 16, 2017 at 9:38 am 2 comments

Am I a puppet?


When others act in a way or say things that I view as not ‘correct’ it gives rise to questions such as – ‘why can’t they behaviour differently?’

Questioning in this way, about something or someone that is not in our control, will undoubtedly cause disturbance within my thoughts and thus my feelings. If I hold onto these over time then they can lead to irritation and anger.

I may be a perfectionist, I may want people to be ‘good’ all the time but this stems from having the attitude of superiority. Subtly I feel I am better, I would not behave in such a manner and hence I place myself in a position to judge and criticise others.

I may well view myself as being ‘perfect’ but this habit of projecting my own values and standards on other – looking at others and judging them – always leads to me de-stabilising my own self mentally and emotionally. The moment I feel myself getting upset or angry with a situation then it is time to turn within and and observe the self..

Irritation or anger cannot arise without either there being ego of the self, or attachment to a person or idea or even the greed of wanting more. These seeds of negative qualities give rise to negative feeling.

Whenever I find myself being emotionally and mentally challenged – it is an opportunity to check the self from within and change the seed. If I don’t do this then I will forever be a puppet which is controlled by what is going on around me.


Om Shanti

January 21, 2016 at 9:35 am Leave a comment

Who’s Holding My Power?


Within the self I have the capacity to generate both positive and negative energy. When I use my spiritual power to access the positive then I will remain stable, happy and content. I consciously activate my power of choice and therefore have control over what I experience.

When I allow external circumstances to trigger emotions such as irritation, upset, anger or worse, then I am using and empowering the negative energy in me. And negative energy will always cause me sorrow.

In any situation I can chose to start from an inner space of positivity and then respond. Alternatively I can react to whatever is happening outside of me. I can decide to use my positive energy or allow circumstances to hold my power. The choice is always mine.

Take time to develop the habit of working from the inside out. Hold onto your power!


Om Shanti

November 27, 2014 at 9:03 am 1 comment

Internal Corruption


We are so aware of the various forms of corruption that happen in the world. Each day we hear news of yet another scandal – another person trying to cheat the people and the law of the land.

Internally in our own personality, within the human soul, there is also a government of righteousness that rules. When that government is deceived or the laws of that land are broken then the penalties are also experienced.

Am I aware of the corruption going on inside? Am I aware of the characters at play in my own internal world?

Ego will make me do things to ensure regard, respect and popularity. Greed and Attachment will instigate fear within and thus encourage the need to dominate and control. And anger will raise its head when my desires are not fulfilled.

Is there corruption going on in my inner world?


Om Shanti

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The Power to Discern


To discern means the power to differentiate between, for example, what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’, what is ‘good’ and what is not. It is the power to know – an aspect of being knowledge-full.

What clouds my ability to discern with accuracy?

Greed and Desire do not allow me to see what is needed but only show me what I want.

Attachment will make me defend the thing I am attached to, whether it is right or wrong.

Anger is based on subtle fear and always challenges situations to keep me in the comfort zones I have created.

Ego is based on an attitude that “I already know”. It doesn’t allow me to see all the facts in the equation but assume them.

In any situation, when the power of discernment is needed, I first need to check that my judgement is not being clouded by those five vices.


Om Shanti

November 28, 2013 at 9:23 am 1 comment

Watch Out, Angers about!


The first sign of anger is an emotional discomfort within. We don’t even realise it but it is quickly followed by irritation. If this irritation is not identified and controlled it will move into dislike, and anger very quickly.

We have very little control over the things that happen around us and therefore we blame those things for our anger. But irritation is an internal emotion that we create and nurture, through our own thoughts and feelings. It is something that we control and thus we are responsible for.

We have the choice at every moment to react or respond, to get irritated and angry or not.

The moment I make the choice I hold the power to take control.

Make the right choice and take control of anger.

Om Shanti

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The Anger Habit


As we go through life we develop belief systems regarding what is right and what is wrong. We create an image of how things should be or someone should behave.
When the outer reality is different from that internal belief, and there is no flexibility within to adjust to that, then an emotional disturbance happens within. The first sign is discomfort, quickly followed by irritation which in turn stimulates anger.

Understanding why there is a lack of flexibility within is vital in getting to the root of anger. When our comfort zones are challenged, subtly, fear develops which makes us defensive and inflexible.

Loosen the belt of the comfort zones, and allow yourself to adjust to situations and people, instead of being challenged by them.

Take this short cut to beat the anger habit.

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Iceberg Ahead!

When anger comes it is like an iceberg which rises from nowhere and creates upheaval. It causes so much damage and gives sorrow to the self and others. However, what is beneath the immediate reaction is much bigger and much more dangerous that the anger that surfaces.

The source of anger may be rooted in a painful past or unfulfilled desires and expectations. Often low self-esteem brings out anger or even the need to control others. Sometimes there is resistance to change which may be based on fear. But the root of anger will most definitely be negative feelings within which have been fuelled over time with negative thoughts and as a result grown enormously.

What shows above the surface is the result of what is under the surface. If I can learn to see and deal with that which is beneath then that which surfaces will be reduced. I need to have the courage to see and then deal with whatever is beneath the surface.

Beware, iceberg ahead!

Om Shanti

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The Green-Eyed Monster

The green-eyed monster of jealousy is a living reality in our lives. We all feel jealousy in some way, at some point in time, even though we may not always be aware of it.

Jealousy creates the experience of sadness and loss which quickly transforms itself into bitterness towards the ‘culprit’. It can be intense or subtle, obviously visible or incognito. But the experience of its nature is the proof of its presence.

Jealousy gives birth to the feeling of insecurity within. It makes us feel challenged and threatened of losing something: popularity, respect etc. Insecurity in turn breeds feelings of fear which manifest in our words and actions in the form of anger.

The green-eyed monster sees no mercy and can easily start an internal revolution bringing self inflicted pain and sorrow. We need to identify jealousy from a distance and change it with positive vision.  It must be nipped in the bud before the strong and overbearing personality of insecurity enters and wages war.

Watch out: the green-eyed monster is about!

Om Shanti

November 7, 2011 at 6:19 am 1 comment


Anger can be likened to a bull in a china shop. In the process of expressing its own truth, it destroys all the goodness that may still be around. Then the question arises: would it have been better to live with the minor untruth than to cause such extensive damage?

Anger is a vice which, in its gross form, will directly and instantly cause great harm to the self and others.

Sometimes we use the vice of anger for the sake of truth or what we believe to be right. We use it to justify the fact that someone else has lied or stolen or worse. However, anger in itself is wrong and thus it can never be justified. Two wrongs do not make a right. And someone else’s wrong does not give me the permission to commit an even greater violence.

Anger will finish only when we begin to understand the real damage it causes.

Om Shanti

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