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The Power to Discern


To discern means the power to differentiate between, for example, what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’, what is ‘good’ and what is not. It is the power to know – an aspect of being knowledge-full.

What clouds my ability to discern with accuracy?

Greed and Desire do not allow me to see what is needed but only show me what I want.

Attachment will make me defend the thing I am attached to, whether it is right or wrong.

Anger is based on subtle fear and always challenges situations to keep me in the comfort zones I have created.

Ego is based on an attitude that “I already know”. It doesn’t allow me to see all the facts in the equation but assume them.

In any situation, when the power of discernment is needed, I first need to check that my judgement is not being clouded by those five vices.


Om Shanti

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Blinds Spots


A blind spot is an area that I cannot see, even though I look.

When driving we are aware of the dangers of blind spots as they can cause accidents.

The third eye of wisdom is used as the tool to see the inner world on our spiritual journey. Internal blind spots are even more subtle and ‘invisible’.

When I am judgemental, do I realise that my blind spot could be jealousy? Even in a subtle way, jealousy will be colouring what I see, but am I aware of it?

Likewise when I see through eyes of attachment I will see no fault or issue in a person I am attached to even though they may clearly be wrong.

In this way there are many blind spots that are present within us. Recognising them will help us see clearly and thus allow us to avoid many ‘accidents’.

Have I recognised my blind spots?


Om Shanti

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Is Love a Virtue?

love_isIf Love is a virtue then why does it cause us so much pain and sorrow?

Love gives life and fills the heart with joy. It gives us so much happiness.
However having experienced love, what follows is the fear of the possibility of losing it. Pure love becomes polluted with attachment, the need to hold on. This neediness and possessiveness within attachment is what causes pain. It is this that brings the sorrow and hurt, not the love.

If I let go then love will do its work and express itself in its purest form. If I insist on holding on then I imprison its potential and damage its character so that it can no longer be what it was meant to be.

Love, and let love.

Om Shanti

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Am I Free?

Everyone enjoys the feeling of being free: free to choose what we like and what we don’t, to be able to decide and choose and not be forced into anything.

However freedom begins from within. Am I truly free internally? Am I free to feel happy and make sure I don’t feel sorrow? Am I free to choose to be content whenever I want?

When something creates a feeling of upset or unhappiness then that suggests that either I am dependent on or attached to that possession, person or outcome. In any situation these are the signs that tell me I am not free.  If I were free it would not cause me sorrow.

If I look very deeply within I will see what it is that is pulling me and bonding itself to me. Locate it and become free from it with wisdom and understanding. It is not a question of physical things but of spiritual and emotional things.

It takes courage to become free because it requires me to let go.

Let go and become free!

Om Shanti

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Flu of Feelings

Feelings are the basis of what I experience to be life. I may have everything on a physical and material level but if I am not feeling good, if I am not happy then what is the point of it all?

The flu of feelings makes us feel down, heavy, maybe even upset. It is triggered by many things: by what people are saying, things of the past, from within my own self about myself etc. It starts with a very subtle form of questioning within the mind about something that is happening around me.

When feelings emerge then the whole history of thoughts and emotions related to that erupt. Any form of sorrow is the result of some dependency or attachment within.

I need to step back from my feelings and questioning mind and look very deeply and honestly within the self. I will see many hidden things inside.  What is it that is pulling and bonding itself to me? Is it a person, position, possession or place?

If I am able to see it, I will be able to understand and thus detached from it, setting myself free from the feelings.

Am I feeding the flu of feelings or treating it?

Om Shanti

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Attachment is what we would call a ‘good looking’ vice. But it is a vice all the same.

We have many ‘needs’ both physical and emotional. When something or someone gives the feeling of a need being fulfilled, then we want to make sure we don’t lose that. So attachment develops in order to keep that need fulfilled.

On the face of it, attachment is quite attractive. It promises the feeling of safety and security in having acquired something that was much needed.
However the other face of attachment is that it invokes the emotions and experience of fear and insecurity with the possibility of losing that which I am attached to. Then the internal struggle begins, making life into an emotional roller-coaster ride.

In an ever changing-world, nothing and no-one can ever remain the same. It can never be for ever.

Let go and be free!

Om Shanti

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