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I sit quietly with myself. I allow my thoughts to slowly focus and become present in the moment, now.

I feel deep appreciation and connectedness with myself. My whole world is here, inside of me.

The place is inside.
The questions are inside.
The answers are inside.
The results are felt inside.
And in fact, I am actually also inside.

I realise the importance of keeping my inside clean, clear and pure. The need for myself to be careful not to develop a negative attitude towards the self or to be too critical of the self.

A great deal of love, patience and understanding is required. Then all that is on the inside will begin to shine outside and touch all aspects of my life.


Om Shanti

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Defensive Listening


Listening is an art that I can truly master only when I am able to be absolutely silent within.

Often whilst listening I hear my inner voice activating a running commentary which continues to criticise, judge, analyse that which is being spoken. Irrespective of who or what I am ‘listening’ to there is a constant critic in action within.

Why do I do this? What is behind this auto pilot critic?

Looking closer at my internal processing I realise that when I am listening I am often holding an attitude of ‘defence’. Internally that little voice is defending my idea, my work, my position etc. My listening, and thus what I hear, is influenced by an attitude that has already taken a position of ‘defence’.

If I truly want to listen and understand the truth behind what is being spoken then I need to learn to listen with an attitude which is free from fear. There is actually no right and wrong or good and bad – it is a matter of perspective and just because someone else has a different perspective it does not make mine wrong.

When I spend time in silence I begin to free myself of deep rooted fears and expectations. This then allows me to truly listen without the need to judge or justify anything.


Om Shanti

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My Companions


It is often said that we are coloured by the company we keep.

Am I aware how the people around me, my friends, colleagues etc., influence the values I hold, my understanding and interpretation of situations, and how that governs the behaviour I demonstrate.

How is the company I keep in my inner world influencing me? Am I able to see how the thoughts and feelings I entertain shape my vision and attitudes, and thus carve my personality.

Do I keep the company of the truth, of God, and allow that to work on me gently and subtly to make me great?

Let me check the quality of the company I am keeping – is it having a positive influence on my life? If not perhaps it is time to check and change?


Om Shanti

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The Devil’s Workshop


‘An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.’

I have heard this saying many times and yet how often am I aware of what is going on in my mind?

Actions are the result of the thoughts. If the mind remains occupied in positive and constructive thoughts, then I will certainly experience that in terms of positivity in my attitude, feeling, words and actions.

It needs constant attention and control of the mind to ensure that I don’t let the devil in. When there is nothing specific to think about, or I become lazy about cultivating good thoughts, then, like an unattended garden, the mind will become full of weeds. These weeds, over time, will outgrow any flowers that may wish to grow and the beauty and joy of the garden will be lost.

I must remain occupied checking the thoughts being created in the mind as these are the seeds that will result in the fruit of my experiences in life tomorrow.

Check, am I consciously planting healthy and positive seeds in my mind or am I allowing the devil to plant his seeds.

Om Shanti

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Attitude of Renunciation


Renunciation is a very powerful tool which allows us to make a mountain of an issue appear like a mustard seed.

In the face of any situation, if I am able to use the power of renunciation then I will see that the issue itself will disappear.

Renunciation of what? On a material level we may think of the renunciation of material possessions, but what is more often required is the subtle renunciations – the things that others don’t see and that I may not even be immediately aware of.

In any situation, there are subtle desires that I have inside. The need for respect, popularity or success. The need to be right, to be noticed and even appreciated. These are the things that are the root of our issues and conflicts. These are the things that cause the inner battles which then spill out into our everyday life in the form of issues and yet they remain invisible to the human eye.

If I can identify my personal need in any situation and then be prepared to renounce that, then I will see the scene will no longer challenge me or be an obstacle on my path.

With an attitude of renunciation, finish any issue in one second.

Om Shanti

September 12, 2013 at 11:57 am 4 comments

Attitude is Everything

attitude2Situations happen; they are part and parcel of life. However it is not the situation that makes me act or react in a certain way, but it is my attitude towards it that shapes my response, and thus my experience of it.

Attitude is the mental and emotional standpoint I create, the coloured glasses I choose to see through, that dictates what and how I see things.
A positive attitude allows me to see benefit in any situation and thus deal with it positively. The resulting experience and outcome will then also be a positive one. The thoughts and feelings that emerge are the result of an underlying attitude. Change the attitude and everything else will follow.

Step back for a moment, identify and adjust the attitude beneath the thoughts and feelings that emerge.

Om Shanti

February 28, 2013 at 6:26 am 2 comments

The Secret of Attitude

Attitude is often the springboard from which our thoughts and feelings are generated.

How would you describe a glass that is half filled with liquid – is the glass half full or is it half empty?

It is the same glass with the same quantity of liquid held in it, but depending on my attitude I will see it half full or half empty: I will see it in a positive way or a negative way.

Whatever the situation, a positive attitude will not only allows us to see it differently, but it will then allow us to deal with it in a positive way.

We need to learn to watch the underlying attitude beneath the thoughts and feelings that are surfacing. It will open up doors into self discovery and reveal the valuable keys needed for self transformation.

Watch that attitude.


Om Shanti

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Spiritual Fragrance

Fragrance has the quality of uplifting a place. It has a unique impact on the atmosphere, mood and feelings around it. We even use aromatherapy to cure the human body of illness and shift our inner moods.

The fragrance of spirituality is one that will penetrate the body and reach the soul, uplifting and empowering it.

Spiritual fragrance emerges gently through our attitude. It creates the atmosphere around us, filling it with a certain quality of vibrations.

Attitude is created through our thoughts. If I am able to maintain pure and positive thoughts they will purify the atmosphere. For this I need to learn to see with the highest vision: not to absorb or even see the defects of anyone, nor to repeat anything negative about anyone, even in my mind.

When I am able to do this, I will be able to maintain my own state of inner peace and happiness as well as spread the vibrations of spiritual fragrance around me.

What fragrance are you spreading?


Om Shanti

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Karma simply means action. Karma will bring it’s own fruit. The fruits of today (good or bad) have come as a direct result of past karma. Nothing happens by chance and there is no such thing as ‘good’ or ‘back’ luck!

What then influences the actions that I perform? My thoughts, my attitude, my intentions and motives become the springboard from which I perform our each and every action.

Ensure that the seed of influence behind each action is good. Then the action itself will be good and the fruit of that will definitely be good.

Om Shanti.

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