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The Magnet

InheritenceThe relationship with the Supreme is often likened to a magnet. His power is such that it can draw and connect souls to Him easily. Just as a needle is drawn and connected to the magnet without effort.

However for this to happen the soul must be clean and free from rust. If rust has developed on the soul then no matter how powerful the magnet it will not be able to pull the soul. The connection will not happen.

The rust that develops on the soul, over time, begins when it starts to identify itself with the body. When body consciousness develops, the soul, starts to use the vices such as greed, attachment and anger for it’s ‘survival’ in the world. These vices are the the rust that slowly covers the soul completely until it forgets it was ever a soul at all.

Soul is an energy which is eternal and imperishable and therefore there is no need for ‘survival’ and no need for the vices.

As, I the soul, wake up to this reality and allow it to manifest practically into my life, the rust will begin to lift and I become available and attracted to the Supreme Magnet again.


Om Shanti

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Law of Attraction


Thought power is one of the most beneficial creative powers we possess.

Like seeds, if we feed and nourish them with the right attention, they will have a natural tendency to grow and manifest positivity in our life. Our behaviour and attitude, actions and reactions are shaped by the thoughts we cultivate.

Moreover, our thoughts generate energy in the form of subtle vibrations. These vibrations become like a magnetic field reaching out to and attracting similar thought vibrations.

By consciously choosing the right quality of thoughts, accompanied by powerful visualisation, over time, we can train our mind to harness thoughts that will attract more and more goodness and positivity into our lives. This is the law of attraction.

As we think so we become. Our destiny is in our thoughts.

Om Shanti

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The Power of Attraction


When we are happy, content and in a good space within ourselves, we are able to deal with challenges more easily. The moment we lose that balance the underlying feeling of contentment also disappears and we begin to feel threatened by the challenges that come.

In this state of being we subtly look for something to compensate for the loss in contentment, and we become attracted to ‘easy’ forms of comfort. We are drawn into taking support of negativity in the form of anger, falsehood, excuses, blame etc.
It no longer is a case of what is right and wrong. There is just a subtle but powerful need to be back in our comfort zone again and so we ‘fight’ for that.

Taking support of negativity in this way reinforces it in our lives and in our character. We then become trapped and dependent on negativity as a ‘quick fix’.

We may realise that this behaviour is not the solution and that it will only resolve the issue temporarily, but like a drug, we become attracted and even dependent on it..

Take care not to be attracted and trapped by negative behaviour habits.


Om Shanti

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The Power of Attraction


What is it in attraction that causes that emotional pull within?

Why is it that we are attracted to do certain things, go to certain places and be with certain people.

This is the power of attraction. Whatever we are attracted to, whether a person, place or thing, there is a comfort or familiarity that we value and think we need, and so, even against our conscious wish, we are pulled to it again and again.

The more I surrender to attraction, the more I am allowing my power to drain away. This habit leads to dependence, which creates a subtle bond and so makes me a slave.

If I am able to see what it is I’m attracted to, appreciate it and walk away, then that will gradually free me from the need, and restore my spiritual power, putting me back in charge.

Don’t become a slave to attraction.


Om Shanti

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Along our spiritual journey we may get attracted to many things. The example of the flower is often used to understand the significance of attraction based on vice and virtue.

We get attracted to the flower. With its beauty and fragrance it enchants the senses. Then there is the desire to ‘own’ the flower.

Some flowers bear thorns. Thorns are many, they are often incognito, camouflaged and so we do not see them. Then in trying to obtain the flower we experience the pain of the thorns: each one ready and waiting to prick and harm. Not a single thorn is there to help me or give me happiness in any way. It is almost as if the flower is only an illusion to entice us.

Thorns represent the vices. If there is the experience of sorrow or pain in possessingsomething, then the basis of that desire must be some form of vice – lust, greed , anger, jealousy, ego etc.
Vices are not always in a gross form. Like the thorns they can be camouflaged and not easily seen: but their purpose is to give pain and sorrow.

Be aware of the flowers with thorns.

Om Shanti

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