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Who am I again?

It is the eternal question of identity. Who is it that I really am?

If I can see something or experience it then that which I see, experience or use cannot be ‘me’ as I am the one that is seeing’, ‘experiencing’ or ‘using’.

As I look deeper at my subtle self, my thoughts, my feelings and even my intellect, I begin to realise that maybe I am not even these subtle aspects of what I call ‘I’.

Yes, I have a mind, but I can step back and look at what is going on in my mind. So the mind cannot be ‘I’ as ‘I’ am the one that is looking at the mind.
I have feelings and I can experience these feelings – so I am the one experiencing and not the feelings themselves.
I use my intellect to discern, judge and decide – I use this factuality actively to perform an operation. So the intellect cannot be ‘me’.
So who is it that I am? it needs stillness, silence and patience with the self to understand. It requires the exclusion of everything else to experience this ultimate truth.

I am awareness…..I am pure consciousness.


Om Shanti

April 27, 2017 at 9:25 am 3 comments

The Reality of Me


When I ask myself the question – Who am I? How do I choose to respond?

The ‘I’ that I am familiar with is based on many levels of identities.

There is the physical identity – the ‘roles’ I play, the titles I have and the identity by which others know me – my relationships etc.

I also identify myself as a personality – the way I express and experience myself. This ‘self’ has been created over time, through the experiences and learning I have acquired in life. It has been developed through events and the environments that have influenced me in life – culture, society, schooling etc.

The least obvious one I connect with is my real identity – one based on spiritual awareness. In this awareness I know ‘I’ exist – the conscience and conscient self. Not the role but the one whom the role belongs to, not the body but the one whom the body belongs to, not the personality but the one whom the personality belongs to. I am the one that holds all of these but am not any of them.

So really ‘Who I am?’

I am energy, the life force, the soul. The one that is eternal light and life. How much am I aware of the real ‘I’ and how often do I understand and experience the real ‘I’?

Unless I learn to understand and experience the real ‘I’, my ‘being and doing’ will continue to be based on my physical identity and my personality, developed though life experiences. In fact I will remain in denial of my own reality and furthermore deny myself the experience of being that.

Can I experience myself as a soul?


Om Shanti

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Fear is an Illusion!

boxed_inFear is definitely an illusion – It is not real. It is generated through our thoughts and manifests in our feelings.

Our thoughts create a story in the mind which then generates fear. Even though the story has not yet unfolded – and may never do so, we create and experience that fear by just thinking about it. There may be a very real possibility of danger in our story, but fear is a choice.
We can either live our dreams or live our fears. For many of us we find our living is based on a foundation of fears!!
Our fears are essentially the anxiety of how to deal with the unknown – loosing face, being wrong, failure. Getting clarity on the root cause of fear will help diffuse the ticking anxiety bombs and release our creative power.
When there is darkness there can be a lot of fear. To eliminate fear we need to bring light – the light of awareness, of understanding and enlightenment.
Let us make a choice to bring light into our fear.
Om Shanti


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The Chemist


How aware am I of the reality that is around me? Can I see clearly the facts or am I living in a virtual reality?

I may drive along a road every day, but when someone asks me if there is a chemist on that road, what is my response? Perhaps it is “Oh, I am not sure, but I think there may be one!”
And then the next time I drive on that road my awareness is ‘awake’ and I look for chemists and see there are 5 or 6 of them.

So what makes me register what I am ‘seeing’? One is to see with my physical eyes and the other with my subtle eyes. What is it that enables me to see the reality of this world?

If I see this world with the awareness of being a passenger in a car on a journey through life, it will look very different from the one I see if I stop and become involved in a side scene.

Awareness is the root of my vision and thus experience of life. What awareness am I keeping? Do I even know?

Om Shanti

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The Point

Everything begins with a point. It is the centre of all things.

I am a tiny point of light, a point of pure consciousness that sits silently in the centre of the forehead.
In the awareness of the point I am able to see all that goes on around me through the windows of my eyes. The scenes of the drama unfold and I watch, listen and interact but remain aware that I am the point.

The moment I lose the awareness of the point, I stop watching the scenes of the drama and become a part of the drama. I allow external things to go inside and invade the sacredness of self. Then I forget I am the point and focus on the drama and the results. I lose my stillness and purity of conscience.

It is time to return to the centre, to the point.


Om Shanti

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A Healthy Diet

It is a common saying that ‘you are what you eat’. Whatever we put into something, that will play its part in whatever comes out as a result of it.

What am I putting into the self, the soul each day? The things that I listen to, the things that I see are in fact what I am feeding the soul.

If I see or hear any ‘wrong’ things, I need to learn to just leave them alone. I must not think about it. If I think about the weaknesses of others, those weaknesses will definitely be absorbed within the self. The mind is like a sponge, it absorbs whatever it thinks about and it becomes consumed by it. Once something is absorbed by the mind it clings to it and it becomes difficult to remove.

If I want to remain healthy then it is better to keep this aim and awareness of not listening to wasteful things or seeing weaknesses in others.

What’s in your diet?


Om Shanti

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The Green-Eyed Monster

The green-eyed monster of jealousy is a living reality in our lives. We all feel jealousy in some way, at some point in time, even though we may not always be aware of it.

Jealousy creates the experience of sadness and loss which quickly transforms itself into bitterness towards the ‘culprit’. It can be intense or subtle, obviously visible or incognito. But the experience of its nature is the proof of its presence.

Jealousy gives birth to the feeling of insecurity within. It makes us feel challenged and threatened of losing something: popularity, respect etc. Insecurity in turn breeds feelings of fear which manifest in our words and actions in the form of anger.

The green-eyed monster sees no mercy and can easily start an internal revolution bringing self inflicted pain and sorrow. We need to identify jealousy from a distance and change it with positive vision.  It must be nipped in the bud before the strong and overbearing personality of insecurity enters and wages war.

Watch out: the green-eyed monster is about!

Om Shanti

November 7, 2011 at 6:19 am 1 comment

An Incredible Journey

Just imagine that you are about to embark on a very long journey. You may experience many challenges along the way, but the journey has to be made.

You are given only a very small bag to carry with you. You may take with you whatever you like, as long as it will fit in the bag.

So what will you take? What situations will you face along the way for which you will need to be prepared?

Firstly, take with you ‘flexibility’, as this will allow you to adjust and accept whatever comes along the way.

Next take ‘renunciation’ as this will make the journey comfortable and light. No ‘needs’ or ‘wants’ to weigh you down.

Essential are ‘courage’ and ‘determination’ to reach the destination, whatever may come, good or bad.

Finally take ‘awareness’ of being the traveller, a guest who never gets stuck in any place for long, but continues to travel.

This is your journey. What you take with you is your choice. Understand the value of each item you choose to carry; choose wisely.


Om Shanti

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Seeing Weaknesses

There is a habit very deeply ingrained in most of us, and that is to see what others are doing, especially when they are doing something wrong.

When we look at the weaknesses of others, it is like ‘juicy’ and ‘spicy’ information for the mind. But what the mind does with that information is spoil our heads.

We see weaknesses in others and then start having thoughts about that: we invite waste thoughts!  Then we have a need to share that information with others. So we become responsible for creating waste in others.

Apart from the masses of waste thoughts and energy, this creates a subtle shift in our attitude: in our vision and feelings towards that person. Their weakness makes us see and feel in a different way – a negative way.

It may be someone else’s weakness, but the moment I give it value and embrace it, it becomes my choice, my mistake and my weakness.

If instead I create the habit of seeing my own weaknesses, then my own awareness will become the instrument for a positive change in the self and an example, inspiration and support to others.

Take time to observe yourself.

Om Shanti

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Wars start in the minds of men and thus surely peace must also start in the minds of men.

Over time we have cultivated a personality based on negative thoughts – anger, greed, jealousy, fear etc.. which have given birth to bad feeling in the hearts. The repetition of the same thoughts and feelings has created a habit and eventually this has become our very nature and personality.

Peace is a feeling, an experience in which there is the absence of all negative thoughts and feelings. We know that we cannot just remove all negativity from our hearts and minds. However what is required, and what is possible, is to replace them.

To develop a nature of being peaceful starts with the awareness. I have allowed many things to steal my peace by giving them more importance. Now I need to create an awareness that holds onto my peace. Things may have to be renounced: my ego, my pride, my preferences, my ideas etc..  But this is the price I must pay for peace.

The original and eternal nature of the soul is that of peace. It will not be satisfied until it returns to peace.

Cultivate your peace, nurture your peace, revive your peace.

Om Shanti

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