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Forgive and Become Free


There is often a misconception about what it means to forgive. We believe that we are doing someone a favour by forgiving them, but are we really?

What happened cannot be changed. But as long as I choose to hold onto that scene it will continue to create walls of mistrust, anger and dislike in my mind and in my heart.

The longer I hold on, the stronger these walls will grow and my future vision and actions will lack clarity. If I do not learn to let go of it, I will carry the experience of the situation with me into the future as a heavy burden.

It is not a matter of who was right or not in the situation – the question is – do I want to carry the pain of that scene with me throughout my life – allowing it to influence my thinking, feeling and responses forever more?

To forgive means to free oneself from a situation. Let go and become free.


Om Shanti

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Who’s at Fault?


Someone did something wrong – it happens – but what follows is much more important than the mistake itself.

The immediate reaction internally, to arising feelings, is that we experience continuous waves of thoughts about that situation.
We replay the scene again and again in our minds and confirm it to be their fault. Or we try and justify it with reason and excuses. We may even become critical and start to blame.

We think and over think about the mistake and in doing so we allow it to grow in our mind until it becomes a big thing.

If we continue to focus on what is wrong then how will it ever finish or improve?

A negative can never be transformed by adding more negativity, just like adding more darkness to an already dark room will keep it dark. Light is needed to transform or finish the darkness.

Getting stuck in a situation will not allow us to see the solution. It will also not allow us to learn and grow from the experience.

Stop and let go of blame and justification – concentrate on the solution.


Om Shanti

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The Blame Game


What is the lens through which blame is seen?

Blame is a habit we develop which allows us to justify our pain and suffering.

One can experience pain for many reasons; however it is an option to suffer. When I am not willing to let go of what I cannot control, then I am making a choice to suffer. That suffering then becomes the reason to blame something or someone for my pain.

We get used to suffering and think it is part of life, but it is actually a choice we make. It is also a choice to be happy. By harbouring feelings of suffering we erode our own ability to be happy.

This is known as the Blame Game which we play with ourselves. It becomes our way of dealing with pain. By playing the blame game we give ourselves permission to hold on to suffering. We become a victim and in doing so we lose the power to change the situation.

Don’t play the game. Transform the pain.

Om Shanti

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