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Body Consciousness


Consciousness is simply the belief I hold in my awareness about who I am. This becomes the basis of how I think, talk and act.

When I believe I am a body then I will interact with the world in body consciousness. Expectations and desires will be based on the body: what I wear, how I look, my profession, how much I earn, what I own etc.

As a bodily being one thing is certain – I take birth and I will die.
Between these two parameters I will do what I can to fulfil all my desires.
However subtly, underlying all of this is the fear of death, of time running out. It is fear that becomes the basis of anger, greed, attachment and more.

In soul consciousness things are very different because as a soul I am never born, nor will I ever die. A soul is an eternal form of energy. The aspect of fear and competition immediately disappear.

Soul consciousness allows me to act and interact with people without expectation of return or loss; without fear. It frees me from the illusion that I have to become something more than I already am.

Switch your awareness from body consciousness and become soul conscious.

Om Shanti

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I am a Peaceful Soul

Om Shanti means that I the soul am an embodiment of peace.

However, my own physical reality does not demonstrate this and so how is it possible for me to believe it?

Throughout life we search for many things, one of which is peace. We want peace of mind, a peaceful moment, some peace etc. We want it and we search for it only because we have known it.

If I have never tasted an orange then I would not know what it was and thus I would not look for it. It is only because the soul has known true peace that it searches for it.

In the state of body consciousness, the soul tries to replenish the lost peace within through material things, and that will work for a while. But true and lasting peace is something that is safely kept within the soul. The moment I turn within and start to look inside I will see and experience it.

Om Shanti – I am a peaceful soul.

Try it and see.

Om Shanti

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Inspired by the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris

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