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When we feel trapped in circumstances or relationships then that becomes a bondage for us. It is not that we don’t like the people but what emerges is the feeling of not having a choice.

Feelings of bondage arise due to the presence of some expectation, even subtly, from the situation or relationship. We want something, or have a fear of losing something. This is actually what keeps us ‘trapped’.

If internally I insist on holding on to a branch and then say that I am not free from the tree, then who is the one keeping me in bondage? To be free I must let go of the branch. The branch cannot let go of me!

When bondage goes then there is freedom. Bondage and freedom are two sides of the same coin. It is a matter of perspective. It is a matter of my attitude to it and my awareness.

Let go and you are free . Learn the lesson of letting go.

Om Shanti

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Happiness is the food of life. It nourishes the soul and enables the spirit of enthusiasm and faith within us to flourish.

In the world people do many things on an external level to bring themselves happiness. However true and lasting happiness comes from the inside.

The subtle drama that goes on within the self becomes the basis of my happiness and sorrow. If I can maintain an attitude of good thoughts and good feelings within, no matter what is going on around me, then I will be able to remain stable in my state of happiness and contentment.
My own happiness will then also become an inspiration and serve others around me.

I have the choice to choose happiness at every moment. More than just an external expression, it is a fundamental state of being.

Choose happiness today.

Om Shanti

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