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My Internal Library


The experiences of what we think, speak and do today are automatically being recorded and archived in our internal library – the subconscious. Unless we are aware of this process, we have no idea what is being stored in our ‘library’ each day. This ‘library’ then becomes the basis of our future actions and reactions

It is amazing to observe ourselves auto-responding to everyday situations, often realising we have little control over how we react. How often do we find ourselves saying, ‘I didn’t mean to react like that’, I didn’t mean to think like that…it just happened’.

By observing our behaviour and their roots, we will start to understand the deeply held beliefs and perceptions that shapes our actions and therefore our experiences. We can consciously start to unravel the feelings and emotions these experiences trigger within us.

Then there is the opportunity to change. To choose whether we want to hold on to the old ways and continue to move along as we were, or, whether it is time let go of the lies behind be-lie-fs, the blindness behind baseless perceptions and re-invent our internal library – filling it with experiences based on truth.


Om Shanti

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Change is the only Constant


Try as we will nothing ever stays the same. Each moment that passes is a new one. And yet so often we find ourselves avoiding, ignoring and even fighting changes that come into our lives.

Change is more acceptable perhaps if we have control over it. However when we do not have control, we are sometimes overpowered with fear and insecurity. Our defense mechanisms become alert and we prepare for battle.

Understanding that change is the only constant, will set us free. Choose to welcome change as a blessing in disguise, and we may just start to experience newness in our lives. It is a wonderful gift the universe offers us – to learn and grow constantly.

What will I choose to be today? – a stagnant pool of water – standing still, or a flowing river always ready to go with the flow.


Om Shanti

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How Lucky do I feel?


I cannot change the cards I am dealt with in life, but how I play them is totally in my hands.

In good times I feel luck is on my side, and in not so good times, it is easy to blame the poor cards.

But if I take courage and choose to remain positive, I may just surprise myself to find that it is exactly during the ‘not so good times’ that new opportunities present themselves. Take the opportunity and undoubtedly I am on my way to tap into unhidden potential that lies dormant within me.

Lucky are those who choose to look beyond and seize the opportunities that arise in times of adversity.


Om Shanti

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Am I Free?

Everyone enjoys the feeling of being free: free to choose what we like and what we don’t, to be able to decide and choose and not be forced into anything.

However freedom begins from within. Am I truly free internally? Am I free to feel happy and make sure I don’t feel sorrow? Am I free to choose to be content whenever I want?

When something creates a feeling of upset or unhappiness then that suggests that either I am dependent on or attached to that possession, person or outcome. In any situation these are the signs that tell me I am not free.  If I were free it would not cause me sorrow.

If I look very deeply within I will see what it is that is pulling me and bonding itself to me. Locate it and become free from it with wisdom and understanding. It is not a question of physical things but of spiritual and emotional things.

It takes courage to become free because it requires me to let go.

Let go and become free!

Om Shanti

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