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Internal Peace


To find eternal, internal peace is the ultimate need of us all.
We may not be actively looking for it but it is our desire to reach that place of comfort and completeness – the experience of peace.

Even though we want it, most of us don’t see it is a tangible or well-defined goal for ourselves. Maybe the reason for that is that we don’t know how it can ever happen, or how we can achieve it.

In a world that is fast and ever changing, a world in which there is fear and insecurity, how is it possible to find peace?

The solution is simple – so simple that most of us fail to see it even though it is standing in front of us.

The key that will open the door to the possibility of attaining peace within the self is the choices we make. When we choose to stop all negativity in our thoughts and feelings, our words and vision, that will be the moment of change.

Make a choice for Peace – stop negativity.


Om Shanti

July 3, 2014 at 6:58 am 2 comments

Comfort Zones


Comfort zones make us feel safe and comfortable so we feel they must be good for us; we feel they must be our friends.

Actually comfort zones are like golden chains. We may consider them valuable, attractive and harmless, but they are the chains that bind us and prevent freedom and growth.

Like a bird perched on the branch of a tree wanting to fly. It may flap its wings with full force and enthusiasm but without success. It may complain how it tries but cannot fly. However until it is able to let go of the branch on which it is perched, it will never be possible for it to fly!

What are your comfort zones?

Om Shanti

November 14, 2013 at 7:16 am 1 comment

The Anger Habit


As we go through life we develop belief systems regarding what is right and what is wrong. We create an image of how things should be or someone should behave.
When the outer reality is different from that internal belief, and there is no flexibility within to adjust to that, then an emotional disturbance happens within. The first sign is discomfort, quickly followed by irritation which in turn stimulates anger.

Understanding why there is a lack of flexibility within is vital in getting to the root of anger. When our comfort zones are challenged, subtly, fear develops which makes us defensive and inflexible.

Loosen the belt of the comfort zones, and allow yourself to adjust to situations and people, instead of being challenged by them.

Take this short cut to beat the anger habit.

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