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Cloudy or Clear?


Do you ever wonder why people misunderstand you or get the wrong message when you communicate?

The first reaction to miscommunication is ‘I already told them. Were they not listening?’ Yet so often they did listen but what was communicated was not clear.

When we communicate we describe what our mind perceives. The mind holds thoughts and expectations which colours our vision. We often take basic details for granted. We don’t see them and thus they are not communicated.

It is not about how much information is given, as too many words can be confusing and overloading. It is about the clarity, completeness and accuracy of what is given.

Think before you communicate, use words wisely and listen to what you say. Waste no words – each one should be necessary and valuable, leaving no room for doubt. There will be no extra, irrelevant, comments, opinions or remarks to cloud the issue.

Regular meditation acts as a refining process which brings clarity to all expressions – verbal and subtle – until it becomes the natural way of thinking and being. The more I learn to go into silence and experience peace and clarity of the mind, the more I will have the ability to communicate clearly, wisely and appropriately.


Om Shanti

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What’s in the Words

Communication is part of life. We use words to build relationships and societies.

So often, the words we use are flavoured with our underlying feeling about the person or situation in question. Then the words that are expressed will be bitter, sweet or even sour.

Sometimes it is important that feelings are conveyed within our communication. However the purpose of communication is to convey a message in a way that will be understood.

When words emerge from a volcano of feelings, without much discernment, then what is communicated, instead of the message,  is maybe the ‘dislike’, the ‘prejudice’ etc. This then generates further pain and sorrow making the situation even more complex.

So often words are spoken with so much force, emotion and bitterness that they hurt rather than to communicate. Once words are spoken, that is it – there is no way they can ever be taken back. Then no matter how many other words we use to pacify or justify the outburst, the damage will have already been done.

Stop, think, speak. Pause before you communicate.

Om Shanti

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