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My Companions


It is often said that we are coloured by the company we keep.

Am I aware how the people around me, my friends, colleagues etc., influence the values I hold, my understanding and interpretation of situations, and how that governs the behaviour I demonstrate.

How is the company I keep in my inner world influencing me? Am I able to see how the thoughts and feelings I entertain shape my vision and attitudes, and thus carve my personality.

Do I keep the company of the truth, of God, and allow that to work on me gently and subtly to make me great?

Let me check the quality of the company I am keeping – is it having a positive influence on my life? If not perhaps it is time to check and change?


Om Shanti

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We walk through the journey of life very much alone, even though there may be many people around us.

We may embrace God and have a love filled relationship with Him. But to love God is one thing: to have Him as your companion is another thing.

When I allow God to become my companion there is a feeling to completeness within. I experience the truth and consistency of that companionship. He then is not only a part of my life but He become a part my own inner world.

When I stay with God in this way, I see how His positive nature and qualities fuel the positive within me. I am able to easily tolerate, forgive and face the challenges that the world throws at me.

Have you let God into your world?

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Inspired by the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris

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