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Downsize Life’s Challenges


Life is a journey and we may come across many challenges along the way.

If I am able to make whatever comes in front of me into a small matter, then it becomes easy.
By default we give life and energy to challenges by thinking about them again and again. Don’t keep repeating it to yourself or to others as that is the method to make it bigger and more challenging than it really is! It will also subtly create confusion and fear inside.

Whatever may come, it is my own perception of it that will give it importance or not. See it for what it is – something that will pass – and make sure you don’t postpone its departure by feeding it.

Can you downsize life’s challenges?


Om Shanti

September 19, 2013 at 6:55 am Leave a comment

Who’s that talking?


inner_volumnHave you ever noticed that voice that is constantly chattering in your mind?

Who is it, and who is it talking to?
If it is my own inner voice then why is it telling me things I already know?

It is a constant flow of information and advice which changes with time and circumstance. The more I listen the more confused I can become. And sometimes the chatter does not even allow me to sleep at night.

It is the voice of my likes and dislikes based on my past experiences and future expectations.

If I stop listening and giving it importance, then the voice will slowly become silent and free the mind of waste, regrets and desires.

Have I got the courage to turn down the volume of that inner voice and free myself?


Om Shanti

March 14, 2013 at 10:15 am 3 comments

Take a Break, Have Faith

In life situations often happen that we are not happy with. They generate a millions thoughts within the mind about the situation and everything related to it. It is actually like a self protective mechanism that kicks in. Subconsciously we believe that if we think through all the possible permutations, causes and solutions then we will find the answer and be able to deal with the situation.

The reason for this internal reaction is a subtle fear of the unknown. The excessive thinking becomes a means to make the unknown, known and thus be prepared for it. However these waste thoughts that are generated only add to the uncertainty, confusion and thus the ‘fear’ within.

Take a break from the internal fight to ensure things are the way you want them to be all the time. Have the faith that whatever happens you will be able to deal with it, and you will!

Om Shanti

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