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Who am I again?

It is the eternal question of identity. Who is it that I really am?

If I can see something or experience it then that which I see, experience or use cannot be ‘me’ as I am the one that is seeing’, ‘experiencing’ or ‘using’.

As I look deeper at my subtle self, my thoughts, my feelings and even my intellect, I begin to realise that maybe I am not even these subtle aspects of what I call ‘I’.

Yes, I have a mind, but I can step back and look at what is going on in my mind. So the mind cannot be ‘I’ as ‘I’ am the one that is looking at the mind.
I have feelings and I can experience these feelings – so I am the one experiencing and not the feelings themselves.
I use my intellect to discern, judge and decide – I use this factuality actively to perform an operation. So the intellect cannot be ‘me’.
So who is it that I am? it needs stillness, silence and patience with the self to understand. It requires the exclusion of everything else to experience this ultimate truth.

I am awareness…..I am pure consciousness.


Om Shanti

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The Magnet

InheritenceThe relationship with the Supreme is often likened to a magnet. His power is such that it can draw and connect souls to Him easily. Just as a needle is drawn and connected to the magnet without effort.

However for this to happen the soul must be clean and free from rust. If rust has developed on the soul then no matter how powerful the magnet it will not be able to pull the soul. The connection will not happen.

The rust that develops on the soul, over time, begins when it starts to identify itself with the body. When body consciousness develops, the soul, starts to use the vices such as greed, attachment and anger for it’s ‘survival’ in the world. These vices are the the rust that slowly covers the soul completely until it forgets it was ever a soul at all.

Soul is an energy which is eternal and imperishable and therefore there is no need for ‘survival’ and no need for the vices.

As, I the soul, wake up to this reality and allow it to manifest practically into my life, the rust will begin to lift and I become available and attracted to the Supreme Magnet again.


Om Shanti

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Spiritual Identity


We are accustomed to identifying with the roles we play, our careers, religions etc. Our identity is often based on what we do rather than what we are.

Spirituality teaches us that we are spiritual beings: eternal and conscious beings. We realise the immortality of the soul in relation to the ever changing, unpredictable world we live in.

As human beings we want to be content and we want to also achieve many things in life. But underlying this drive is also a fear that we may never reach there. As a result we are in a constant race, trying to satisfy our ever growing needs in a constantly changing world.

When we understand our identity as a spiritual being then there is a shift in consciousness. This new sense of self brings with it great satisfaction and a sense of ‘having arrived’. It is a realisation, an awakening, which grounds us, giving us internal security and stability.

Time is asking us to change perspective and experience ourselves as a spiritual being and time does not wait.

Om Shanti

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Body consciousness is the belief, within the subconscious mind, that I am the body and all that is associated with it: roles, positions, wealth, culture etc.
In body consciousness I will do anything to protect and preserve the body and its reputation. In a way it portrays a ‘physical power’, which shows itself in the way I speak, act or am perceived in the world I live in.

Soul consciousness is the belief, within the subconscious mind, that I am the soul within this body. In this consciousness I will identify myself with my innate qualities, values and virtues and express them through the body…even if it means renouncing my body-based reputation. Soul consciousness brings ‘spiritual power’ which protects and preserves the inner being.

I can either be in the consciousness of body or soul. I can have only one awareness at any one time and there is no in between.

What consciousness do I live in?

Om Shanti

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What is Time? It is now, this moment. And yet time has been defined as ‘forever’: that which has no beginning and no end.

The cycle of time continues to turn from day to night and then the day again. In this way time itself is eternal. It never stops or starts, but it just is.

Times never stands still. It moves like the seasons, from the summer of time, to the spring, autumn and then the winter. After the darkness of winter, the sparkle of spring will definitely follow. And so with time: the time of golden, silver, copper and then that of iron. From lightness to dark then lightness once again, and in between all the various shades of grey.

As time moves, it pull the state of human consciousness along with it. From a pure and enlightened consciousness, through its various stages, until human consciousness reaches a the state of total ignorance. And then with time the transformation from ignorance back to enlightenment once again.

So what is the season of time now?  and what is time calling me to do?


Om Shanti

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