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Am I good enough?

Whether overtly or subtly, and to varying degrees, I mostly gauge my worthiness on external things.

If I have the latest gadget, the perfect home, family, friends, the career, the perfect size, looks, personality – if I have all these then I will be fulfilled and feel good about myself – I will be seen to be ‘good enough’.

The truth is, whether the world sees me as ‘good enough’ or not, I can never be truly fulfilled from what I am, what I have, what I do on an external and material level. It is the goodness that is within me that will fulfil me and raise my levels of happiness and contentment.

Let me start tapping into this goodness.

I learn to talk to myself sincerely. I ask myself – who am I? What am I? What is my true nature? Without intellectualising and interfering, I let the questions reach deep within. I spin the questions in the mind and the answers come. Deep down I know my own truth. I need to just harness the power from this truth.

It is this power of truth that will protect me from being drawn into false beliefs time and time again.


Om Shanti

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A World of Suffering


It is a world in which there is so much suffering and pain. Physically there may be wealth but emotionally and mentally there is suffering.

Deep within the soul there is a subtle sense of suffering due to a lack of peace, contentment and perhaps even true love. This then does not allow the soul to be free.

In such a world we see, experience and absorb suffering by default. Whatever it is that we absorb and hold within us, naturally that is what we give back to the world we live in.

If we are to make a difference then we need to be aware to stop absorbing all the negativity that is present in the world around us. We also need to proactively spend time nurturing the virtues of peace, contentment and love within our own selves. This will protect us from absorbing negativity but also allow us to share goodness with the world.

Change in the world begins with me. Let me take this step and make a difference.


Om Shanti

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Contentment is a power as well as a virtue.

As a virtue it allows me to be generous and free. As a power it makes be stand tall and complete, without the need for support.

I feel discontent when there are still unfulfilled ‘needs’ within the self. Emotional needs as well as physical needs.
Then when obstacles prevent me from fulfilling those ‘needs’ it causes upheaval inside and out. It is the subtle fear and insecurity of potentially being deprived.

Like a half filled jar of marbles, the slightest movement on the outside will cause disruption and noise on the inside.

To develop contentment I need to see benefit in everything that comes to me. It will free me from expectations and allow me to be flexible and internally satisfied.

Contentment is the key to remaining stable in the face of external challenges as I have nothing to gain and nothing to lose: I am already full.


Om Shanti

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Spiritual Thieves

What makes us rich in life is the feeling of being content. Contentment is the rock on which all other good feelings sit.

I may or may not have material wealth, but the ability to nurture contentment will make me the richest of all.

Actually, contentment is quite a subtle feeling. it is not always obvious that we have lost it. But when we do lose it then we experience ‘unhappiness’, ‘sadness’ or feeling a little down.
We then try and resolve that by doing something to make ourselves feel better. We start substituting that ‘sad’ feeling with something we like, or think we want. We try and replace the lost contentment.

The question is, what came along and stole my contentment?

The thieves that come are not big and dangerous, but very subtle and small. They come in a form of desires, even tiny ones: of expectation, wanting and needing, likes and preferences etc. Someone says something, or I see something which inspires the slightest desire and within a second discontentment enters. This then grows slowly until I feel ‘unhappy’ or ‘sad’.

Catch that desire before it catches you!


Om Shanti

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Silence is the language of the soul.

Yet people fill every moment of the day with sound and action. Doing more, seeing more, experiencing more in a hope that it will fulfil the desire for contentment and completeness.

However, it is in silence that we are able to listen to the inner voice within our heart and in our mind. It is only in silence that we are able to nourish the soul because this is what is natural.

For a moment sit in silence.
Detach the mind and intellect from all that you can see and experience around you, including your own body.
Understand that none of this is yours.

Sit in silence and look deep within. Don’t look outside, open the eyes inside.
In silence you come to see, to know, and to recognise ‘who you are’.
Understand that love, peace and happiness are all inside.
If you go into the depths of silence you will experience treasures that you hadn’t realised were there.

Try it and see!

Om Shanti

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