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Is that Knowledge or Wisdom?


We live in an information society. Whatever information is needed can be obtained with the press of a button.

With all this information we are able to gain so much knowledge on almost any subject. Information or knowledge is seen as a sign of power. One who knows is a master and can thus lead and control – direct and even mis-direct.

But when does knowledge become wisdom?

When we contemplate knowledge, then apply and integrate it in our lives: our awareness, attitude and actions. When it is used in relation to the wider truths of life, it is then that it becomes wisdom. Knowledge on its own may be useful and give temporary gain, but it is only wisdom that transforms knowledge into power – spiritual power

Wisdom is the power of experience that gives internal stability. It is the deepest ‘knowing’, based on experience, which then allows one to be internally free.

Am I wise?


Om Shanti

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7 Steps to Happiness


The purpose of life is to experience happiness. Relationships are for sharing happiness.

Happiness is the eternal nature of the soul. it is not something that I have to earn but something I discover within the self.

The secrets to happiness:

  • Take advantage of every opportunity to give happiness to others through kindness in your thoughts, words and actions.
  • Live in the present moment and make the most of what you have now.
  • Let the past be the past. It cannot be changed no matter how much I re-think it.
  • Never hold on to anything or anyone. Change is a part of life, it can never remain the same.
  • Check your intentions. If I have a needy nature and always want to gain something from a situation or person, then I will never be able to hold on to happiness.
  • Don’t waste time looking at the weaknesses and mistakes of others. They are not in your control.
  • Appreciate and care for yourself. Remember that at the core you are a really lovely person.

Take another step towards happiness today!


Om Shanti

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Watch Out, Angers about!


The first sign of anger is an emotional discomfort within. We don’t even realise it but it is quickly followed by irritation. If this irritation is not identified and controlled it will move into dislike, and anger very quickly.

We have very little control over the things that happen around us and therefore we blame those things for our anger. But irritation is an internal emotion that we create and nurture, through our own thoughts and feelings. It is something that we control and thus we are responsible for.

We have the choice at every moment to react or respond, to get irritated and angry or not.

The moment I make the choice I hold the power to take control.

Make the right choice and take control of anger.

Om Shanti

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Tolerance is Power


Life continuously presents us with a variety of situations.

Tolerance is an internal process of adjusting and adapting the self to the things that come to challenge us each day.

Tolerance brings flexibility and the ability to remain internally stable and secure. It is not about suppressing, enduring or resisting reaction, but about allowing the self to let go of the need to be in control, mentally and physically.

Learning to take support from the self, by using my internal resources in this way, allows the power of spirituality to grow. This in turn develops my ability to face whatever life throws at me.

In the face of challenge, where do I take my support from? Do I go within or do I still rely on a variety of external supports?

Om Shanti

April 18, 2013 at 7:09 am 2 comments

Life’s Irritations

We often say that someone is irritating, implying that they are the cause of irritation in us. But why is it that they only irritate me and not anyone else?

Underlying irritation is that companion called expectation. I have an expectation that someone should behave in a certain way. When they consistently don’t do that then irritation slowly builds up inside.

They may appear to be the cause of my irritation, but they are not creating the irritation. I have to become aware that the one doing the creating is me. They are going along doing as best they can and I am creating the irritation because I don’t like that what they are doing.

Realising this fact will not solve the problem, but it will bring control back to me. The fact is that it is my choice to get irritated or not. We cannot control others nor can we expect them to do as we wish all the time. But what we can do is to choose to respond to them in a way that does not upset our own feelings.

Don’t get irritated. Take control.


Om Shanti

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What’s in a Habit?

The repetition of an action creates a habit. The repetition of a habit creates a nature, a personality….and this is the story of the soul.

Normally we think of something and then decide if it is ok before going ahead and doing it. We have the engagement of thought, discernment and then action.

The nature of habit is that something from the past creates a thought to do something and that is followed by the action of doing it. The intellect is not allowed to discern right or wrong because of the force of the habit which drives you to do it. This reinforces that same habit and gives it even more power and control.

In the course of time the soul has created such habits that they constantly cause sorrow and pain to the self and others. The habit and nature of getting angry, jealous, irritated, tense, pressured etc.

If we wish to free ourselves of these then with determination we need to take control again. Recognise the habit and consciously stop it.

Who is in control; is it you or a habit?


Om Shanti

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The Face of Ego

The sign of ego is pain.If I experience pain, then understand that ego is present.

We feel pain and blame it on things happening outside. But in fact the pain is caused by ego, which is internal

Ego is the cause of ill feelings; feelings generated by not receiving respect or praise. Stubbornness and needing to prove I am right is also connected to ego – ego of control.

Ego is based on deep insecurities and fear within. We deal with it by holding onto and controlling things. Thus ego puts up defences and objections. It brings limitations to the self.

It is very present and active in our lives and yet we cannot see its face. It remains hidden and pretends to be our friend. That is the greatest deception and the real cause of pain.

Kill the ego. Kill the pain.


Om Shanti

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