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Courage to Hold Silence


Within silence I become present and mindful. In that moment there is complete clarity and awareness.

Silence of words is important but the experience of silence within my thoughts and feelings is profound.

I wish to reach, and then remain, in this state where silence works like an engine for everything else to follow. And for this it is necessary to give priority to silencing my own inner world – that is my mind and my intellect.

As it stands my mind is constantly generating thoughts consciously and subconsciously. My intellect is using its understanding and learnt cleverness to decide, discern and judge what I should do, how and when.

When I renounce the need to hold and process information in my mind I will allow silence to take priority. Then I will cultivate a vibration of internal silence as a priority in my life.

The power of this silence will enable answers to emerge without the influence of my own thoughts and feeling – Imagine that!

Do I have the courage to hold onto my inner silence no matter what?


Om Shanti

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It Will Pass


When confronted with a challenge, it is as though somehow I allow my mind to become totally engrossed with the person or situation that is challenging me – it becomes the focus of my thoughts and feelings. I may not even be consciously aware of it.

Quite often the situation is relatively small but, with the support of my thoughts and feelings, it becomes huge.

I may be feeling uncomfortable, I may even have been hurt, but thinking and re-thinking will only feed those emotions further.

If I take a moment and stand back form the scene, it gives me an opportunity to reflect on the matter and understand how best I can manage the situation. It takes courage to stop, step back, learn and accept that in life everything that comes will pass.

The situation will pass, the pain will pass and the people will pass – it will pass.

Stop and watch the scenes in life – they will pass if I allow them to. Will I let them pass?


Om Shanti

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Forgive and Forget


Often when we are hurt by people, especially those close to us, it becomes very difficult to forgive, move on and re-nurture trust.

With everything we do, say or even think, we are laying the building blocks for the future. When a hurtful scene occurs and we hold onto that scene and the pain – when we don’t forgive – then that becomes the foundation for our future too.

It is as if we reap a harvest that is diseased and keep the seeds to plant out again. Planting seeds that are infected will only result in another infected harvest.

Something painful that happened in the past exists in the past. If we decide to keep it safe and cultivate it again and again in the future then it will stay with us. In fact it will multiply, grow and influence other areas of our lives too. It is not about the person or situation that hurt me in the past but it is about the future I want for myself.

What is required is the courage to let go, to forgive and forget. We need to burn those infected seeds and have the courage to start again with fresh, healthy seeds.

Do I have the courage to forgive and forget?

Om Shanti

August 14, 2014 at 6:44 am 2 comments

Power On, Pressure Off


Emotional and mental pressures can feel like an internal pressure cooker which is about to explode.

Just like ingredients within a pressure cooker, in our minds and hearts we hold the ingredients of our past, the desires and expectations of the future, and the fears and challenges of not being able to achieve. Then when the heat of external situations intensifies, the pressure builds up inside.

To release the pressure inside the cooker it is necessary to cool it down before opening the lid. And if we keep the lid open, then the pressure will never be able to build up.

Keeping the lids of our minds and hearts open requires the power of courage. Courage means to allow new things to be ‘thrown into the pot’, or to accept what is being ‘cooked’ even though it may not be of our choosing.

Have the power to face the challenge of an ever changing world without creating a pressure situation. If it means I don’t have the last word in situations, then that is fine. If I don’t get what I want, then so be it. Have the courage to accept ‘defeat’ as within that defeat your chosen attitude reveals an inner strength and a more valuable victory.

It takes power to allow one’s inner self to win, even though on the outside you may appear to lose.

Om Shanti

July 11, 2013 at 8:46 am 1 comment

Open the Box

boxed_inWe have a tendency to lock ourselves up in the box of a personality that we have created for ourselves.

Then we convince ourselves that it is fine, or we disguise the flaws within and pretend that they are not there.

As the new year sets in, let me take the time to reflect and see what things I could change.  To change the physical is one thing but to change the more subtle aspects of the self is another matter.

With courage, open the box that imprisons you – the box of expectations, ‘show’ and much more.

Have the determined thought to change one thing and you will see that so much will follow.

Om Shanti

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Am I Free?

Everyone enjoys the feeling of being free: free to choose what we like and what we don’t, to be able to decide and choose and not be forced into anything.

However freedom begins from within. Am I truly free internally? Am I free to feel happy and make sure I don’t feel sorrow? Am I free to choose to be content whenever I want?

When something creates a feeling of upset or unhappiness then that suggests that either I am dependent on or attached to that possession, person or outcome. In any situation these are the signs that tell me I am not free.  If I were free it would not cause me sorrow.

If I look very deeply within I will see what it is that is pulling me and bonding itself to me. Locate it and become free from it with wisdom and understanding. It is not a question of physical things but of spiritual and emotional things.

It takes courage to become free because it requires me to let go.

Let go and become free!

Om Shanti

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The Courage to Love

Pure Love is a virtue as well as a power. When both are applied at the same time then that is love in its purest form.

To be able to use love when faced with challenging situations requires a lot of courage and faith in love itself. It requires spiritual power.

As well as courage a big heart is also needed so that I am able to stop feelings of dislike or even hatred. I hurt myself by having any negative feelings before I hurt anyone else. I need to be aware of this and become my own true friend.

To be able to always give love means that there must first be love within the self for the self. It is not possible to give love, in its purest form, without first having love for the self.

Love fulfils, gives self-respect and empowers the soul. The soul is then no-longer dependent for love or respect from anywhere else. It becomes free from dependence and free to love.

Have the courage to love.


Om Shanti

November 23, 2011 at 8:30 am 3 comments

An Incredible Journey

Just imagine that you are about to embark on a very long journey. You may experience many challenges along the way, but the journey has to be made.

You are given only a very small bag to carry with you. You may take with you whatever you like, as long as it will fit in the bag.

So what will you take? What situations will you face along the way for which you will need to be prepared?

Firstly, take with you ‘flexibility’, as this will allow you to adjust and accept whatever comes along the way.

Next take ‘renunciation’ as this will make the journey comfortable and light. No ‘needs’ or ‘wants’ to weigh you down.

Essential are ‘courage’ and ‘determination’ to reach the destination, whatever may come, good or bad.

Finally take ‘awareness’ of being the traveller, a guest who never gets stuck in any place for long, but continues to travel.

This is your journey. What you take with you is your choice. Understand the value of each item you choose to carry; choose wisely.


Om Shanti

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The proof of our spiritual journey is seen in our own transformation. To allow the transformation to take place there is a need for some renunciation. In transformation, something has to be left behind, something has to be renounced.

To renounce something means to forget it. If I have externally renounced something, but my mind hasn’t forgotten it, that cannot be true renunciation.

Physical renunciation is one thing, but the mind and the heart have accumulated so much ‘rubbish’ over time. There has been so much hurt, anger and disappointment that I continue to carry along my journey. When I am able to identify this waste, understand it, then renounce it and never think of it again, that is true renunciation.  It will free the spirit from its cage of the many bondages and burdens trapping it and allow it to fly free.

Do I have the courage to renounce? Do I have the courage to allow the mind to forget?

Om Shanti

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