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It bothers us when people behave ‘badly’. Their negative behaviour takes up valuable space in our mind and disturbs the heart. It is amazing how something that belongs to someone else affects us so much. It is their negative quality, their weakness and yet it disturbs us.

When we are not internally full, when we ourselves lack happiness, peace and love, then our attention is diverted to search outside and see the faults and weaknesses of others. We even associate their behaviour with the reason for our pain, stress and unhappiness. This then becomes the foundation of misunderstanding in our relationships.

If I can focus internally on sustaining my own inner feelings, then the defects of others will not be visible to me, they will not disturb me.

Try it and see.


Om Shanti

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Relationships are such a central part of our lives. The happiness they give is reflected in the quality of the lives we live.
They can also be a very clear mirror for us in seeing what is lacking within the self.

When we interact with others we often focus on and magnify the things that are wrong with them. Seeing just one defect in another often causes us to change our manner of interacting within a second; with our speech, attitude and actions. We immediately stand up and challenge their defect with our own weakness. What we do is to allow the defects of another to make us forget our own virtues.

People have many virtues but often we focus on their one defect. It takes time and practice to change this. But the key is, even on seeing their weaknesses, to hold on to your own virtues and use them. The nature to ‘challenge’ within relationships has been the cause of much sorrow and it inspires the vices to take control.

There is no need to challenge the weaknesses in others. Recognise your virtues and use them.

Om Shanti

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Seeing is Becoming

By seeing virtues in others, I am absorbing those virtues and making them my own. By seeing defects, I am also absorbing those defects. This is a very subtle spiritual philosophy.

The eyes that only see defects in others are ones which are indeed unfortunate. Seeing defects not only draws those very defects to the self but also it creates subtle divides and distances people: it lessens the love that one is able to maintain within relationships. So why see defects?

To see virtues in others requires a clean intellect. It also requires a heart that is humble and appreciative. Seeing virtues in others not only empowers them but also empowers the self and adds positivity to the atmosphere. In this way we become donors of virtues.

It is a simple thing but understanding this deep, natural law, can transform one’s life.

See and spread virtues.


Om Shanti

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