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Stop and Observe


In a fast moving world that operates on the basis of actions and reactions, is it possible for me to step back and observe?

My automatic reaction to life’s dramas seem to be controlled by a force that I am not directly managing. And then these reactions become the basis of my tomorrow.

In the face of situations let me see if I can apply a brake. To stop and not engage at any level – whether it be my thoughts, words, actions or even feelings.

If I am able to stop then I can become the observer of the scene – Who is doing what and why?

If I can step back even further then I become the observer of the self and my behaviour within the scene. What am I thinking and feeling about the scene and what are the needs and desires which are fuelling that?

Developing the ability to ‘Stop’ will allow me to begin to understand the things that control me from a very deep space within the soul. I begin to reveal myself to myself and in doing so I am able to become free.


Om Shanti

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Seed of Thought


We often describe thoughts as seeds because from one thought many more thoughts are generated. These thoughts go on to determine our words and actions.

If we step back and observe these thoughts, then we start to understand that the thoughts we are generating are our creation. So then the question that arises is ‘What is the seed behind my thoughts?’ ‘What is it within the self that initiates the thought in the first place?’

The seeds that create thoughts are the desires that we hold within our hearts. The ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ we have.

When we look closely within we will find that behind much of our thinking are feelings. When we are in touch with those feelings we will discover our ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ – the ‘desires’ that are the seeds behind those thoughts.

There are the physical needs for sure but even more powerful are the subtle needs of love, respect, power, authority, popularity, belonging and so forth. These then become the foundation from which thoughts are born and actions created. To varying degrees we all experience, at some time, fear, worry, anxiety. All these are born through desire!

What type of desires should I have to ensure the thoughts and feelings that emerge are positive and benevolent?


Om Shanti

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The Economy of Thoughts


Thoughts become more thoughts and can lead to a wasteful way of thinking. Stressful, worried, critical and negative thinking has become such a part and parcel of our lives.

To change thoughts we need to first let them go. To do this it is necessary to let go of the habit of ‘wanting’ and ‘needing’ a particular result from any person or situation.

The speed and quantity of our thoughts are fed by our own desires – subtle desires as well as gross. Whether or not we get the result or the goal we desire actually has no connection with the quantity of our thoughts. Thinking about it again and again will not change it nor make it the way we want. It will only create stress, anxiety and worse.

Be aware of the mechanics of how thoughts work and economise.

Thoughts are energy, don’t throw away that energy by wasting them. Be economical with your thoughts. Use them wisely.


Om Shanti

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The Power to Discern


To discern means the power to differentiate between, for example, what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’, what is ‘good’ and what is not. It is the power to know – an aspect of being knowledge-full.

What clouds my ability to discern with accuracy?

Greed and Desire do not allow me to see what is needed but only show me what I want.

Attachment will make me defend the thing I am attached to, whether it is right or wrong.

Anger is based on subtle fear and always challenges situations to keep me in the comfort zones I have created.

Ego is based on an attitude that “I already know”. It doesn’t allow me to see all the facts in the equation but assume them.

In any situation, when the power of discernment is needed, I first need to check that my judgement is not being clouded by those five vices.


Om Shanti

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The Root of Peacelessness

root_of_peaceI am a soul and my original and eternal nature is that of peace. So where did all this peaclessness come from?

Peacelessness comes from the outside and not the inside. If I check my mind and see what it is thinking all day then I will see that my thoughts are of people and things of the outside world.

Peacelessness enters through our thoughts in the form of desires. Desires of wanting this or that. Even the desire of wanting others to behave in a certain way. This is the root of peacelessness.

If I can learn to let go of the ‘wanting’ then I will see that peace will slowly return within.

I need to realise from deep within that it is this ‘wanting’ that is the culprit and not the friend I believe it to be.

Om Shanti

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Spiritual Thieves

What makes us rich in life is the feeling of being content. Contentment is the rock on which all other good feelings sit.

I may or may not have material wealth, but the ability to nurture contentment will make me the richest of all.

Actually, contentment is quite a subtle feeling. it is not always obvious that we have lost it. But when we do lose it then we experience ‘unhappiness’, ‘sadness’ or feeling a little down.
We then try and resolve that by doing something to make ourselves feel better. We start substituting that ‘sad’ feeling with something we like, or think we want. We try and replace the lost contentment.

The question is, what came along and stole my contentment?

The thieves that come are not big and dangerous, but very subtle and small. They come in a form of desires, even tiny ones: of expectation, wanting and needing, likes and preferences etc. Someone says something, or I see something which inspires the slightest desire and within a second discontentment enters. This then grows slowly until I feel ‘unhappy’ or ‘sad’.

Catch that desire before it catches you!


Om Shanti

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The seed of desire is that one has a need that requires to be satisfied. Until it is satisfied one will not have peace of mind.

However the very nature of desires, and also of the ‘need’ to be satisfied, is that they regenerate themselves and one desire leads to the next and then the next..

When desires are based on people, possessions or position then these will give temporary attainments and temporally fulfilments. Once the initial fulfilment is experienced the desire will regenerate itself into another need or want will arise.

One is that we need to learn to contain desires and make sure that they don’t ‘drive’ us as this will lead to issues in relationships as well as finances. But ultimately it is when we learn to take power from God, that we are able to experience peace within the soul and the fire of desires then subsides.

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