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Still Point


Let me take a moment and become still.

I take a long, deep, slow breath and then another and one more until I feel relaxed. I become aware of my own body which has now become heavy and still.

I move my focus within, into my inner world, and as I do that I become aware that everything within has also slowed down. My thoughts, feelings and even my inner responsiveness.

As I watch and experience this state of being I realise that I have become a detached observer of my physical self.
I the soul sit awake and conscious of the body in which I am sitting. The body is separate and I am separate.

I move my focus again to my innermost self and emerge a thought in my awareness – ‘who am I?’
And from deep within the self an experience emerges … ‘I am…’
It is as if the deepest most ancient and wise part of the self responds to this call.
‘I am ….’. ‘I am the embodiment of all goodness and strength’. ‘ I am the eternal soul’.
In this moment, absorbed within this experience, I realise my own unlimited truth.

My truth, which is beyond the day to day trivia that I play. My truth, which is so pure and powerful and unlimited.
And life is a small scene within my truth which is eternal.

My whole perspective of reality changes in this moment of truth.


Om Shanti

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Step into Freedom


Do you ever feel like you want to be free. Free from the baggage of the past and the uncertainty and expectations of the future?

Freedom holds within it an experience of lightness, being carefree and happy.
If this is truly what we want then what is it that binds us so tightly to all that we ‘by definition’ don’t want?

Somewhere, somehow there is a sense of ‘need’. We need these things, we need those people , we need to do certain things and know other things. We place this very heavy chain of ‘need’ around our necks. Needs based on perception and speculation and not based on any proof or guarantee.

Even though the soul will yearn to be free, once trapped in the chain of needs it is very difficult to see beyond that.
We have to step back and see things in a detached and objective way in order to see the reality.

Take a step of courage and let go of one ‘need’ that is tieing you down. Let go and experience a step into freedom.


Om Shanti

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My Still Point


Let me take the opportunity, right now, to connect with my still point.

Sitting quietly I allow the body to become quiet.

Turning my attention inwards I become the detached observer of my thoughts. As thoughts arise I watch them and see that the majority of my thoughts, if not all of them, are of the past or the future. When my mind strays towards the past or the future, when I move away from this moment now, I lose connection with my still point.

Let me consciously become present in the now with my thoughts and feelings. Let me focus on the silence that this moment holds – let me allow myself to experience that still point where I am beyond all thoughts.

To be in the still point means to experience the true self without the costumes and masks of roles and responsibilities. Within the still point is the awareness of truth and as a result the experience of total freedom – liberation.

How often does the mind allow me to be in this still point? Let me give myself permission to become still – it is my mind after all.


Om Shanti

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Decision-Making Power


Living in demanding and fast paced times, we are often faced with having to make snap decisions.

Under such pressures, how do I know if I am making the right decisions?

When I constantly practice the art of being a detached observer, stepping aside from my own needs and wants, rising above influences of learnt behaviours, acquired beliefs and distorted perceptions, the decision-making process becomes natural and easy. Because as a detached observer, my decision-making is powered by the foundation of truth and pure-intent.

Allowing my decisions to be based on truth and purity, I will remain free from any worries of what the outcome maybe… I simply ensure I respond from the right space.

Om Shanti

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Silent Witness


At the very core of my being, in the innermost space, there is a place of total silence. To reach this space and to sit and experience it is the most profound experience.

Within this space I become the silent witness without any needs or pulls or duties.
Watching every scene without question. Deeply accepting the secrets of the drama being revealed slowly in my presence.

Internally there is so much stability that it is a stage of being free from waste. A stage of seeing everything, being a part of everything yet absorbing nothing. It is a strange but very liberating state of being.

In silence I can see reality as it is, without influence – nothing added and nothing taken away.

I am here watching this character play the role that has been given, but I am not the character or the role. I am the the silent witness within, the eternal and immortal soul.

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Candid Camera


Have you ever watched that hilarious TV show called ‘Candid Camera’?

People are tricked into being part of a practical joke which has been set up to appear as a real life situation. As they walk into the scene their reactions are captured on camera. They may get upset, angry or worse.

When they eventually realises that the whole scene was set up as a joke then everyone laughs and the one who has been made a fool of also laughs.

No matter how serious a situation we are in, if we can step back and see it in a detached way, objectively, the scene will become diluted and lose its force. The potential reaction will seem extreme and even funny. It will save us from a myriad of emotions and upheaval.

Keep in mind that the scene will pass and then it is gone … Just watch yourself as if you are on ‘Candid Camera’!

Om Shanti

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A Mountain or a Mustard Seed?

It is amazing how easily attracted we are to situations that happen around us. Our eyes, ears and awareness stand to attention, ready and willing to absorb and partake in whatever is going on.

The moment I step into a situation, my time, thoughts and feelings become absorbed in it very quickly. It then becomes a  ‘mountain’ that I have to deal with.

If I choose to step out and watch as a detached observer then I will not get the juicy details and spicy gossip, but I will be able to see the situation clearly and objectively. I will be able to see it in the form of a mustard seed rather than a mountain. The effort is in moving the mountain and not the mustard seed.

Am I seeing a mustard seed?


Om Shanti

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The Sponge

A sponge easily and quickly absorbs any spillages, it doesn’t matter what it is, it just does its job.

When I begin to examine my response to life then I will see that I often behave like a sponge. I allow the things happening around me to penetrate me and then influence me.

The vibrations, atmosphere and noise in the world all go in, we naturally absorb them. Others are letting out steam as a result of what is going on in their own lives. I can listen and help to the best of my ability, but the moment I start to absorb I become trapped in whatever is going on and then am no-longer in a position to help, to add value.

There is also a lot of goodness around, especially in terms of vibrations within nature, which gives me the chance to sit and absorb God’s love and power.

At every moment I have a choice. I can choose to absorb or remain detached.

What am I absorbing into the self? What do I let in and hold on to?

Om Shanti

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