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The Sponge

A sponge easily and quickly absorbs any spillages, it doesn’t matter what it is, it just does its job.

When I begin to examine my response to life then I will see that I often behave like a sponge. I allow the things happening around me to penetrate me and then influence me.

The vibrations, atmosphere and noise in the world all go in, we naturally absorb them. Others are letting out steam as a result of what is going on in their own lives. I can listen and help to the best of my ability, but the moment I start to absorb I become trapped in whatever is going on and then am no-longer in a position to help, to add value.

There is also a lot of goodness around, especially in terms of vibrations within nature, which gives me the chance to sit and absorb God’s love and power.

At every moment I have a choice. I can choose to absorb or remain detached.

What am I absorbing into the self? What do I let in and hold on to?

Om Shanti

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