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Who am I again?

It is the eternal question of identity. Who is it that I really am?

If I can see something or experience it then that which I see, experience or use cannot be ‘me’ as I am the one that is seeing’, ‘experiencing’ or ‘using’.

As I look deeper at my subtle self, my thoughts, my feelings and even my intellect, I begin to realise that maybe I am not even these subtle aspects of what I call ‘I’.

Yes, I have a mind, but I can step back and look at what is going on in my mind. So the mind cannot be ‘I’ as ‘I’ am the one that is looking at the mind.
I have feelings and I can experience these feelings – so I am the one experiencing and not the feelings themselves.
I use my intellect to discern, judge and decide – I use this factuality actively to perform an operation. So the intellect cannot be ‘me’.
So who is it that I am? it needs stillness, silence and patience with the self to understand. It requires the exclusion of everything else to experience this ultimate truth.

I am awareness…..I am pure consciousness.


Om Shanti

April 27, 2017 at 9:25 am 3 comments

Decision-Making Power


Living in demanding and fast paced times, we are often faced with having to make snap decisions.

Under such pressures, how do I know if I am making the right decisions?

When I constantly practice the art of being a detached observer, stepping aside from my own needs and wants, rising above influences of learnt behaviours, acquired beliefs and distorted perceptions, the decision-making process becomes natural and easy. Because as a detached observer, my decision-making is powered by the foundation of truth and pure-intent.

Allowing my decisions to be based on truth and purity, I will remain free from any worries of what the outcome maybe… I simply ensure I respond from the right space.

Om Shanti

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Digesting Criticism


Do I find myself reacting and getting defensive when criticism comes my way? Or do I have the ability to stop, listen and learn?

Criticism is about highlighting faults. When criticism is directed towards me it can be very difficult to digest. The moment I react and thus internally reject what is being suggested to me, I stop the process of learning and growth.
It is not that everything that is being thrown at me is necessarily true. It may be only an opinion of one or two. However if I am able to stay calm and collected enough to hear what is being said, then it is my choice to discern what is correct or not.

To digest criticism I need the ability to listen, discern and learn from others. It is a doorway to change and growth.

Can you digest criticism?

Om Shanti

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Assumptions are part and parcel of life. We make so many assumptions about people, places and things, often based on our background and culture. But assumptions are always something that we believe to be true without knowing it to be.

Assumptions become inputs into our day-to-day natural decision making process. The intellect uses assumptions as facts, but without actually knowing them to be such. This clouds its ability to discern clearly. Assumptions become the risk in the equation being calculated.

When assumptions are wrong then they can cause a lot of unpredictable responses. If our assumptions involve or affect others in any way, then the risk is that we may hurt others or cause complications in their lives. Such risks are better avoided. It is better not to assume. Take the time to find the facts before engaging the intellect in its work.

Assumptions can be useful, but people and their feelings are invaluable: don’t assume!

Om Sahnti

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Ego is one of those vices which some would class as ‘good to have’; it allows one to be ‘positioned’ and ‘noticed’, and ‘respected’ even.

However the thing with ego, specifically subtle forms of ego, is that it sits you on a false seat. Then when the truth reveals itself, which it will, there will be realisation and pain. And also the shame of knowing that everyone but you always knew.

Unlike any other vice, ego cripples the intellect’s ability to discern. Ego adopts a form based on a speciality – on whatever is good within the self – and so disguises itself in that. It attracts the soul and it deludes it so that it is difficult for the self to recognise that this is ego.

Like salt mixed in sugar, it is not obvious and not everyone would know. However the moment it is tasted and experienced the truth is revealed. Its character and taste cannot remain hidden and salt can never be sweet! Everyone will be able to taste it except you. For the self it is something that has to be realised.

Watch out for that attractive form of ego!

Om Shanti

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