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Spring Cleaning for the Soul

I awaken from the slumber of winter.

Time to blow away the cobwebs of worries, doubts and fears
Brush off the dust of resentments and regrets
The past is the past

It’s time to open the windows and let the light in
The light of God and the might of God!
I am coloured by the power of His presence.

The light within once again sparkles
Bringing love, peace and power within
And leaving a beautiful fragrance of happiness for all to share

Let each day be Spring!


Om Shanti

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Real Confidence


When we are skilled in a task or have the knowledge to do something then there is confidence. However as soon as we are exposed to a new challenge or there is a risk of not achieving success then our confidence begins to shake. We become hesitant based on subtle fears and doubts that enter the equation.

Real confidence however is a virtue and lies much deeper within the self. It is the ability to face the challenge knowing that we will be able to remain stable irrespective of the outcome.

When facing challenges we may experience some anxiety initially, however when I have confidence based on the right understanding, I am able to face the situation without being afraid of the result whether it is one of success of otherwise.

Let me be ready to face the challenge. Let me nurture the virtue of confidence.


Om Shanti

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A Step of Fear


What is fear? Does it really exist or is it just an illusion?

Fear in fact is a feeling and feelings are created with our minds. We project thoughts from the past and hearsay into the present situation giving rise to doubt and concern. The quality of thoughts in turn creates what we call FEAR.

The feeling of fear can be crippling. Not only is my behaviour affected but it generates stress in my mental and emotional state of being.

If I can stop the flow of such thoughts for a moment and step inside, away from the influence of past experiences and all the external facts that seems to fuel fear, then I will arrive in a safe space. A space that is real and stable. The more I remain in this space the more I will be able to connect with ‘reality’ as opposed to the ‘illusion’ that is generated through influence.

To stay in this space and sustain the self from here will help be remove fear totally.

Fear is crippling , step away from fear.


Om Shanti

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Determination is an attitude, a very deep commitment to something.

When a seed is planted it is vulnerable. It needs to be nurtured with constant attention and care. There needs to be the
awareness that a seed has been planted, even though it cannot be seen as it is underground.
It is the same with determined thoughts. They become the seeds from which determination is born.

For the foundation of determination to be strong, sustenance is required. A constant belief and reaffirmation of the aim, of determined thoughts.

Many challenges in various forms will come to oppose determination, especially while it is taking root. The greatest enemy is waste thoughts: thoughts based on doubt. Don’t allow them to even germinate otherwise, like a weed, they will take over and destroy all hope.

Plant the seeds of determined thoughts today, keeping the inner eye focused on the goal and you will have already achieved it.

Hold on to determination.

Om Shanti

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Doubt is like a poisoned arrow. It strikes the target and, if it is not removed quickly, it will destroy it.

The experience of insecurity in our lives, somewhere, somehow, gives rise to the feelings of fear and thus doubt.

An insecure feeling, if left alone will disappear. But we give it form and make it real by feeding it with waste thoughts. Waste thoughts are such that they multiply exponentially. The more we feed doubt with waste thought the greater will become its form.

Doubt, supported by fear, insecurity and a multitude of waste thoughts then creates confusion in the mind. The intellect is then not able to discern clearly what is truth and what is false.

Doubt is something that has to be recognised and caught early, before it spreads its poison. Actions taken under the influence of doubt can be such that they are beyond repair. Doubt in others is one thing but doubt in the self will destroy the spirit.

Are you feeding doubt?

Om Shanti

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Paper Tiger

Maya is often referred to as a paper tiger.

Maya is illusion and its sole role is to support the negative and vicious within us.

Maya comes to us when we have to make a decision between what is right and wrong. It comes to create doubt, fear and insecurity within the self so that we don’t have the courage to make a difficult choice, the right choice.
And sometimes maya’s form is so subtle that we don’t immediately recognise that it is influencing our decision making.

Maya is like the paper tiger: it has a fearsome form but is insubstantial and can be easily discarded.

Recognise the paper tiger and have the courage to face and transform it.

Om Shanti

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