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Life’s Irritations

We often say that someone is irritating, implying that they are the cause of irritation in us. But why is it that they only irritate me and not anyone else?

Underlying irritation is that companion called expectation. I have an expectation that someone should behave in a certain way. When they consistently don’t do that then irritation slowly builds up inside.

They may appear to be the cause of my irritation, but they are not creating the irritation. I have to become aware that the one doing the creating is me. They are going along doing as best they can and I am creating the irritation because I don’t like that what they are doing.

Realising this fact will not solve the problem, but it will bring control back to me. The fact is that it is my choice to get irritated or not. We cannot control others nor can we expect them to do as we wish all the time. But what we can do is to choose to respond to them in a way that does not upset our own feelings.

Don’t get irritated. Take control.


Om Shanti

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Inspired by the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris

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