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Game or Battle?

Each of us choose how we live our lives. We either choose to live it as a game or as a battle.

In a ball game the ball is passed from one player to another as needed. The aim and focus is on the one goal. Challenges do come but with tact the game continues. There is no attachment to keeping the ball, no need to protect but only to play, be available for the next move and to play the game to the best of our ability.

However, the moment the players switch to an attitude and position of defence, the game changes and it becomes a battle. The attitude will then be one of defending, defeating, fighting and ‘winning’. It becomes hard work.

Both are players of the same game but a shift in consciousness makes all the difference. As a result of consciousness the moves we decide to make and the experience we have of life will also be very different.

It is not all about ‘winning and ‘losing’ in a game, but about the experience and quality of the game.

Am I playing in defence?


Om Shanti

November 10, 2011 at 10:40 am 1 comment


Silence is the language of the soul.

Yet people fill every moment of the day with sound and action. Doing more, seeing more, experiencing more in a hope that it will fulfil the desire for contentment and completeness.

However, it is in silence that we are able to listen to the inner voice within our heart and in our mind. It is only in silence that we are able to nourish the soul because this is what is natural.

For a moment sit in silence.
Detach the mind and intellect from all that you can see and experience around you, including your own body.
Understand that none of this is yours.

Sit in silence and look deep within. Don’t look outside, open the eyes inside.
In silence you come to see, to know, and to recognise ‘who you are’.
Understand that love, peace and happiness are all inside.
If you go into the depths of silence you will experience treasures that you hadn’t realised were there.

Try it and see!

Om Shanti

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