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Am I good enough?

Whether overtly or subtly, and to varying degrees, I mostly gauge my worthiness on external things.

If I have the latest gadget, the perfect home, family, friends, the career, the perfect size, looks, personality – if I have all these then I will be fulfilled and feel good about myself – I will be seen to be ‘good enough’.

The truth is, whether the world sees me as ‘good enough’ or not, I can never be truly fulfilled from what I am, what I have, what I do on an external and material level. It is the goodness that is within me that will fulfil me and raise my levels of happiness and contentment.

Let me start tapping into this goodness.

I learn to talk to myself sincerely. I ask myself – who am I? What am I? What is my true nature? Without intellectualising and interfering, I let the questions reach deep within. I spin the questions in the mind and the answers come. Deep down I know my own truth. I need to just harness the power from this truth.

It is this power of truth that will protect me from being drawn into false beliefs time and time again.


Om Shanti

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I am!


Originally and eternally my nature, my personality has always been one of virtues and qualities.

I, the soul, am born into a body and through that I perform actions. I play my various roles through this body as I act and interact with other souls and with matter.

As I do this a natural mechanism comes into play – An action that is repeated many times becomes a habit and when a habit is repeated of a long period of time it becomes a personality trait. Over time I also accumulate many experiences and memories that influence me in the actions I chose to do.
This process, that is at play, has made me who I am – the person I know and see and believe to be me.

This personality of ‘mine’ – the one that I have become – has weaknesses, expresses vices and generates so many waste thoughts and feelings. It causes sorrow to the self and others because of the direct influence this personality has on my behaviour.

However, originally and eternally this is not me, not really. Neither am I the body, nor the roles and thus I am also not the personality I believe myself to be.

Step away from the false belief and chose to be who you really are.


Om Shanti

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Impressed by Impressions


Did you know that within the first 10 seconds of meeting someone we subconsciously create an impression about them? An impression based on what they look like, how they talk and even the space between their eyes! But most of all on the way they make us feel.

We create an impression and then our communication and behaviour that follows will be based on that impression. Everything they do or say will also continue to justify our theory and reaffirm our impression.

We put up our defences, based on impressions, and then work from that standpoint. We create false walls of illusion based on our so called ‘experience’. It is no wonder that we have such challenges in our relationships and such disorder in our society.

Don’t become impressed by impressions … take a fresh look!


Om Shanti

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Imprisoned by Ego


For so long now the soul has been imprisoned within the personality of ego.

Do I recognise that personality?

It is that personality that stands up and defends me even when I am wrong. It is there to always make me look good in front of others – it will never let the side down!
When mistakes are noticed, it will make excuses for me and make sure there is someone else to blame. It makes sure I win even at the cost of so many others losing.

Do I recognise this so-called faithful friend within? Could I ever have considered that ego has imprisoned me and made me its slave?

This is the time to recognise how false the personality that ego promotes is, how far from the real me within.

If I am ever to reach my truth and thus my inner peace, I need to be able to let go of all that is false. I need to be able to let go of the support I take from ego and stand up and face myself, who I am, as I am.

Do I have the courage to let go of the support of Ego?


Om Shanti

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Mahabharat is the name given to the great battle of Bharat.
A battle of good versus evil, of truth versus falsehood. It was the greatest of all battles.

The Mahabharat is the battle that happens within myself. It begins the moment I embark on my spiritual journey.
It is only then that I come face to face with the evils within that need to be transformed – after all that is the aim and purpose of the journey.

Turbulence is guaranteed where two opposites meet. When ‘black’ meets ‘white’ turbulence happens until there is ‘grey’ and eventually until there is white. The conflict is the war, the battle within.

Beware! Within the turbulence there is the risk of developing hopelessness, doubt and despair. It is when the undercover enemies of carelessness and laziness can easily slip in. Hold on to that truth with faith. Maintain courage and move forward with force, for the battle will not be lost and truth will always win.

Will you be victorious?

Om Shanti

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