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The One


Who is the One who is the Almighty Authority, God?

To see Him, I need to become introverted and spend time with myself. To be introverted means not to allow anything external to enter the mind and to be able to recognise and sit with myself, the soul.

To know Him I need to first know myself. With the power of concentration the senses become completely still. I experience the self as energy and light.

In the stillness of my own being I am able to come in front of The One. He is extremely subtle, He is love, energy, light and power.

To recognise Him and to know Him as He is, is the most profound experience in life. It is the realisation of this eternal connection that empowers and transforms the soul and makes it full again.

Take time to recognise the self. Take time to recognise the One.

Om Shanti

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The Almighty Authority

He has no physical strength and yet we call Him the Almighty One. What then is the might we experience from Him?

At the time of need we turn to Him and ask for patience, inner strength, peace or even courage. So what makes Him almighty is the fact that He holds and commands all the virtues. And when all else fails, humankind turn to Him and take the support of the virtues that He offers.

Virtues are not a commodity that can be distributed and yet when we ask God for courage, somehow that strength emerges from within. He becomes the catalyst to empower the same virtue already within the self.

I am a child of God and as such I also hold the key to all the virtues. But because I don’t use them enough I have lost my authority over them. Let me start seeing and using my virtes now within each thought word and action I perform.

God Himself stands in front of us as an example of being an authority of virtues and yet we do not see that this is the way to be.

Become the authority of virtues.


Om Shanti

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The Soundless Chant

When we walk into a temple, church, mosque, monastery etc. we often hear beautiful chanting.

It creates an atmosphere which holds us with the sounds and feelings of devotion that are very comforting. The notes are pleasing to the ears and the vibrations are pleasing to the heart.
This atmosphere has been created with the heartfelt communication with God: the talking and calling out to Him.

Now my own communication with God is in the form of a soundless chant. Within the vibrations of this chant I am also held very comfortably, but with love and power. It is a chant in which I the soul make no sound and have nothing to say. I just sit in the presence of God holding His remembrance. Here within this silent chant I am able to listen to God.

It is in this space of eternity where I belong. Within this soundless chant is the sound of total silence, total perfection.

Listen to the soundless chant.


Om Shanti

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The meaning of yoga is connection.

The first connection is with ‘I’ the self, the soul. Knowing, understanding and connecting with my own inner self is a journey of self discovery. And as I begin to rediscover who I really am, my purpose and aim become clear. This allows me to then connect with the world in a more positive way.

Yoga is not a physical connection but a spiritual one. The ultimate connection is the connection with the Supreme.

He is a soul, as I am, and in order to connect with Him I need to speak the language of souls. A soul is energy and the connection with the Supreme is one of silent energy: an energy based on thoughts and feelings generated through the remembrance of the Supreme.

The attainment of this meeting is one which is filled with absolute and unconditional love within which I am reconnected with my own original self-respect. It empowers me, the spirit and restores my purity, peace and happiness.

This connection holds no knowledge of judgement or remorse. It is a soul to soul connection that is not based on the roles that have been played by the soul. It is that original and eternal connection of Father and the child.

Let’s have yoga!


Om Shanti

November 19, 2011 at 6:07 am 2 comments

The Bestower of Fortune

Throughout life we remember God. We ask Him for many things; He is the bestower after all.

In our state of body consciousness, we ask for material possessions and attainments so that we can be satisfied. By fulfilling these desires we feel we will become full and thus happy. However these things are superficial and will not liberate us in the way we hope.

God is the bestower of fortune. He is the Father and He has come to give us such a fortune that we become free from all desires; we become complete and satisfied. This is what the soul yearns for: to be fulfilled.

However we have become so occupied in asking for what we ‘want’ that we are not available to take what He has come to give.

Stop, be silent and just be present in front of the bestower. Just be available and you will receive all that you need.


Om Shanti

November 2, 2011 at 9:49 am 1 comment

Who’s in your Drama?

When I look at my drama of life carefully then I will be able to see the various characters that are playing their parts.

In my drama there are only 4 characters. There is me, then one called Virtue, another called Vice and finally there is God.

These are the characters in my drama of life. Each one is acting out their parts. All will interact with me at some point, after all it is my own drama.

When Virtue comes and shares the stage, it’s great fun, easy and clean. When I am face to face with Vice, do I remain detached and watch the play or am I pulled into the the details of what is good and what is bad? And then when God comes in His incognito way, do I hear the guidance and advice?

Do I know the characters in my drama; do I know the role they play? And above all, how do they influence the way I play out my own part.

Are you watching your drama? Do you know who is who?

Om Shanti

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Knowing God

Our spiritual journeys take us within so that we can recognise ourselves as pure souls: spirits with the highest potential. But the contentment and completeness that marks the journey’s end can only happen in absolute communion with the Supreme: with God.

In devotion the relationship with God was one based on loving feelings (bhavna). But the path of spirituality requires us to know God, as He is and what He is.

Knowing God is not an emotional experience. It is a knowing and understanding that is beyond feelings. It is a state of being.

Ultimately that relationship, that connection, can happen only in a state of absolute soul consciousness, within the awareness of the presence of God.

Do I really know God?


Om Shanti

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