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Am I good enough?

Whether overtly or subtly, and to varying degrees, I mostly gauge my worthiness on external things.

If I have the latest gadget, the perfect home, family, friends, the career, the perfect size, looks, personality – if I have all these then I will be fulfilled and feel good about myself – I will be seen to be ‘good enough’.

The truth is, whether the world sees me as ‘good enough’ or not, I can never be truly fulfilled from what I am, what I have, what I do on an external and material level. It is the goodness that is within me that will fulfil me and raise my levels of happiness and contentment.

Let me start tapping into this goodness.

I learn to talk to myself sincerely. I ask myself – who am I? What am I? What is my true nature? Without intellectualising and interfering, I let the questions reach deep within. I spin the questions in the mind and the answers come. Deep down I know my own truth. I need to just harness the power from this truth.

It is this power of truth that will protect me from being drawn into false beliefs time and time again.


Om Shanti

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Defensive Listening


Listening is an art that I can truly master only when I am able to be absolutely silent within.

Often whilst listening I hear my inner voice activating a running commentary which continues to criticise, judge, analyse that which is being spoken. Irrespective of who or what I am ‘listening’ to there is a constant critic in action within.

Why do I do this? What is behind this auto pilot critic?

Looking closer at my internal processing I realise that when I am listening I am often holding an attitude of ‘defence’. Internally that little voice is defending my idea, my work, my position etc. My listening, and thus what I hear, is influenced by an attitude that has already taken a position of ‘defence’.

If I truly want to listen and understand the truth behind what is being spoken then I need to learn to listen with an attitude which is free from fear. There is actually no right and wrong or good and bad – it is a matter of perspective and just because someone else has a different perspective it does not make mine wrong.

When I spend time in silence I begin to free myself of deep rooted fears and expectations. This then allows me to truly listen without the need to judge or justify anything.


Om Shanti

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Forgive for the Future


When we forgive we make peace with that which happened in the past.

It does not change the past – right or not, good or otherwise – that was what it was.

Forgiveness takes place in our minds and our hearts. It really has nothing to do with anyone other than me. In forgiving I am allowing the possibility of so much more in the future.

The past cannot be changed … It is impossible. But there is no need to remain bound by the chains of the past.

When we forgive we don’t change the past we change the future.


Om Shanti

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Quality Thinking


We have heard so much about the quality of our thinking and how much of an impact that it has on the quality of our life. We know about positive and negative thinking but how do we catch the quality of our thinking while in action.

Opinionated thinking is not good quality thinking as it has a fixed based. It is positional thinking which is ego based.

Limited thinking is connected to the influence and indulgence of our senses, with limited experiences. It has a deep connection with the way we relate to our body.

Good quality thinking is very fluid energy, very flexible and detached. It offers an insight into a situation without being opinionated or critical.

Check: What is the quality of my thinking?


Om Shanti

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Mahabharat is the name given to the great battle of Bharat.
A battle of good versus evil, of truth versus falsehood. It was the greatest of all battles.

The Mahabharat is the battle that happens within myself. It begins the moment I embark on my spiritual journey.
It is only then that I come face to face with the evils within that need to be transformed – after all that is the aim and purpose of the journey.

Turbulence is guaranteed where two opposites meet. When ‘black’ meets ‘white’ turbulence happens until there is ‘grey’ and eventually until there is white. The conflict is the war, the battle within.

Beware! Within the turbulence there is the risk of developing hopelessness, doubt and despair. It is when the undercover enemies of carelessness and laziness can easily slip in. Hold on to that truth with faith. Maintain courage and move forward with force, for the battle will not be lost and truth will always win.

Will you be victorious?

Om Shanti

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Karma simply means action. Karma will bring it’s own fruit. The fruits of today (good or bad) have come as a direct result of past karma. Nothing happens by chance and there is no such thing as ‘good’ or ‘back’ luck!

What then influences the actions that I perform? My thoughts, my attitude, my intentions and motives become the springboard from which I perform our each and every action.

Ensure that the seed of influence behind each action is good. Then the action itself will be good and the fruit of that will definitely be good.

Om Shanti.

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