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My Original Self


When thoughts are expressed they lead to words and action. This expression of thoughts creates an experience for the self and leaves a memory of that experience within the subconscious.

When I repeat the same words and actions again and again, they become a habit. And when habits are repeated, over time, they become my personality – it reflects the way I am.

This personality I am now, has been created, over time, through expression and experience. Layers of experiences have superseded each other with dominating personality traits overpowering more subtle and gentle ones.

I take a deep breath and reflect on this ‘created’ personality of mine and the thought arises from deep within the soul – what was my original personality? Will I ever return to that original pure personality that I was?

And my conscience responds in a whisper – this is the destiny of the soul.


Om Shanti

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Wisdom of Silence


Deep within our consciousness each one of us holds an awareness of truth and innate wisdom. The soul is eternal, it has always existed and so why should it not be all knowing?

When I am silent and still, the power from that silence sharpens my inner capacity and ability to understand. The silent state allows the habit of continuous thinking and analysing to subside and enables the soul to express its eternal wisdom. This is a very natural experience as though the capacity to know with clarity and far-sightedness is already part of my psyche.

From that inner space of stillness, inspiration emerges. Inspiration which comes from a pure and detached place of eternal wisdom. It unfolds itself, in front of me, without any justification and I merely observe, knowing undoubtingly that this is the truth.

Beyond my capacity of clever thinking and intellectual analysis, the power of silence, reveals wisdom from deep within the all knowing self.

Om Shanti

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I am!


Originally and eternally my nature, my personality has always been one of virtues and qualities.

I, the soul, am born into a body and through that I perform actions. I play my various roles through this body as I act and interact with other souls and with matter.

As I do this a natural mechanism comes into play – An action that is repeated many times becomes a habit and when a habit is repeated of a long period of time it becomes a personality trait. Over time I also accumulate many experiences and memories that influence me in the actions I chose to do.
This process, that is at play, has made me who I am – the person I know and see and believe to be me.

This personality of ‘mine’ – the one that I have become – has weaknesses, expresses vices and generates so many waste thoughts and feelings. It causes sorrow to the self and others because of the direct influence this personality has on my behaviour.

However, originally and eternally this is not me, not really. Neither am I the body, nor the roles and thus I am also not the personality I believe myself to be.

Step away from the false belief and chose to be who you really are.


Om Shanti

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Habit of Postponing


Do I have the habit of postponing?

Physical tasks that need doing get left for another day because we prefer to do something else or perhaps have no time. But what about the things that we need to work on internally which don’t necessarily require us to chose, but that can be done while doing others things?

We know the importance of our inner state of being and the impact it has on the quality of our lives. Yet we say ‘I will make time later to observe my thoughts and feelings when I have dealt with this, that and other’.

There are always things that need doing, but we postpone and maybe even avoid, the subtle task of connecting and re-connecting with our inner self or of checking and changing our thoughts and feelings while we go about our daily lives.

Our internal state of being will affects everything else we do: the way we interact with the external world we live in. The practice of self-reflection is absolutely vital for keeping our inner energy nourished.

Don’t postpone.


Om Shanti

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Spiritual Power


‘Power’ can be seen as physical strength, as mental or emotional control over others or as a unique capacity to think differently, be different.

Spiritual power, on the other hand, is subtle and so not easily visible to the eyes. It is an inner strength that enables me to protect my own inner personality. It is something that is felt and experienced rather than expressed and seen.

The ability to develop one’s own spiritual power begins in the battlefield of life.
It has become a habit to use the negative qualities of my own weakness and vices to fight the challenges in life – they have enabled me to win the outer, physical battles.

But spiritual power, which is internal, can be developed with the ability of the self to choose and use a virtue rather than a weakness or a vice in the face of challenge.

Using a virtue, over time makes it into a power. If I decide not to use my virtues then, over time, I will lose my spiritual power, my spiritual authority

Always choose to take the high path of virtue. Even if it means an apparent loss, it will make me a greater human being and it will free me from being a slave to circumstances.


Om Shanti

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The Power of Attraction


What is it in attraction that causes that emotional pull within?

Why is it that we are attracted to do certain things, go to certain places and be with certain people.

This is the power of attraction. Whatever we are attracted to, whether a person, place or thing, there is a comfort or familiarity that we value and think we need, and so, even against our conscious wish, we are pulled to it again and again.

The more I surrender to attraction, the more I am allowing my power to drain away. This habit leads to dependence, which creates a subtle bond and so makes me a slave.

If I am able to see what it is I’m attracted to, appreciate it and walk away, then that will gradually free me from the need, and restore my spiritual power, putting me back in charge.

Don’t become a slave to attraction.


Om Shanti

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Reasons, reasons and more reasons

The reasons why something happened in a certain way can be many, and the reason for the reason can be even more.

We have a habit of getting caught up with reasons – the reasons why it may have gone wrong. This habit of reasoning is quite wasteful. It is like going back and trying to justify why something happened. But also there is no solution that will emerge from within the expansion of reasons

Reason will lead to more reasons. They will not lead to solutions. Stop wasting time and energy in looking at reasons. Look ahead and find solutions. Then the reasons will not have a reason to exist!

Be positive, find the solutions.


Om Shanti

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The Critical ‘I’

The nature of being critical makes us harbour negative thoughts and feelings inside. Being critical has deep within it the dis-ability to appreciate.

Criticism is based on that which I see with my eyes and the habit of seeing fault. The moment criticism starts we take that which is outside, inside. Then the negative and critical thoughts generated create equivalent feelings and attitude within the self.

Criticism starts with the self and ends with the self – subtly, I myself will be harmed the most by it. Slowly but surely, criticism will drain all the positive and light energy that naturally sits within the self. This will then not allow me to remain happy, satisfied, detached or free.

Develop the ability to see and appreciate; to see and then simply move on.

Save the self from developing the habit of the the critical eye because the critical eye creates the critical ‘I’.


Om Shanti

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What’s in a Habit?

The repetition of an action creates a habit. The repetition of a habit creates a nature, a personality….and this is the story of the soul.

Normally we think of something and then decide if it is ok before going ahead and doing it. We have the engagement of thought, discernment and then action.

The nature of habit is that something from the past creates a thought to do something and that is followed by the action of doing it. The intellect is not allowed to discern right or wrong because of the force of the habit which drives you to do it. This reinforces that same habit and gives it even more power and control.

In the course of time the soul has created such habits that they constantly cause sorrow and pain to the self and others. The habit and nature of getting angry, jealous, irritated, tense, pressured etc.

If we wish to free ourselves of these then with determination we need to take control again. Recognise the habit and consciously stop it.

Who is in control; is it you or a habit?


Om Shanti

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Seeing Weaknesses

There is a habit very deeply ingrained in most of us, and that is to see what others are doing, especially when they are doing something wrong.

When we look at the weaknesses of others, it is like ‘juicy’ and ‘spicy’ information for the mind. But what the mind does with that information is spoil our heads.

We see weaknesses in others and then start having thoughts about that: we invite waste thoughts!  Then we have a need to share that information with others. So we become responsible for creating waste in others.

Apart from the masses of waste thoughts and energy, this creates a subtle shift in our attitude: in our vision and feelings towards that person. Their weakness makes us see and feel in a different way – a negative way.

It may be someone else’s weakness, but the moment I give it value and embrace it, it becomes my choice, my mistake and my weakness.

If instead I create the habit of seeing my own weaknesses, then my own awareness will become the instrument for a positive change in the self and an example, inspiration and support to others.

Take time to observe yourself.

Om Shanti

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