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The Voice of Intuition


The voice of intuition comes from the deepest and wisest self – from within my pure conscience.

To hear my intuition I need to become silent.
Silence of words and noises is not enough to hear the voice from within my conscious. Total inner silence is needed. The silence of thoughts and feelings that are unseen but cause so much ‘noise’ within.

When the mind becomes quiet and the heart detached then the intellect also becomes silent as it has no reason to discern. Then within this space my inner ear has the capacity to hear the voice of intuition.

The silent voice of intuition whispers truth from the all knowing self.
To hear the voice or ignore it is then a matter of choice.


Om Shanti

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The Heart Trap


We make so many decisions each day, consciously and subconsciously. Those decisions then become the basis of the words and actions that follow.

Sometimes decisions are clear and obvious and at other times illogical and even crazy! What is the basis of the decisions we make? What influences our decisions?

Whatever is in the heart will influence the thoughts that arise in the mind and then that will direct the intellect in making its decisions. Whatever is in our hearts is reflected in our thinking and then manifests in our words and actions.

When the heart is holding onto bad feelings and negative experiences, by seeing and realising it, there is an opportunity to release ourselves from that influence. That then frees us from so many other potential traps that can be generated from the feelings in the heart.

Take a moment to open the door of the heart and see what is really going on.


Om Shanti


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My Authentic Self


Let me take a moment to stop. Stop physical activity, stop the thoughts in my mind and the feelings in my heart.

Having stopped let me now take a step inwards into that space that is at the very core of my being. That sacred space where I am alone with my conscience …my authentic self.

What is the authentic self – Is it my name, my role, my position or possessions? When I become focused in this space, detached from activity, thoughts and feelings, I realise that I am none of these.

My authentic and real self is the in-visible spirit within this body. Authentic is that which is original and always. That which is today and will be tomorrow. Let me take a moment to see, understand and experience the authentic self.

Everything in life changes, even my own personality and so what is authentic within the self?


Om Shanti

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Is this Love?


We may say we love a person or even a places or a things. But how do we define this love?

When we ‘like’ someone or something, or we feel our heart being pulled to the same repeatedly, we believe that to be love.

However there are two things: Love and Attachment
If we check the seed of our love and find that there is a ‘need’ within that – something we feel we cannot do without – then understand that this is not love but In fact it is attachment.

Attachment comes from a place of fear – the fear of not having or of losing that which I ‘love’.
Love, real love is pure and selfless; where there is love there can not be fear. It is a quality that is unlimited and something that we give. It is a ‘giving’ and not a ‘taking’ and In giving there cannot be fear of losing.

Look within your heart and check….Is this Love?


Om Shanti

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Listen in Silence


The anagram of listen is silent.

Silence enhances listening. When we listen properly it is possible to respond accurately.

To be able to listen fully, refrain from speaking. Don’t speak through the mouth. Pause the constant chatter within the mind. This will allow you to hear clearly.

Listen with an open mind and you’ll hear the words. Listen with your heart and you’ll understand the meaning of the words. Listen and it will enrich the way you respond.

To hear clearly, listen in silence.


Om Shanti

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At the Heart of Ego

Ego is the most subtle of all vices. Unlike the other vices, ego stands alone and needs no-one. It is the only vice whose entry point is through the intellect and not through feelings of the heart.

Ego cannot tolerate the praise of others. It lives off comparison, competition and criticism because what ego wants to show is that it is better than the other.

The eyes of ego are very big in seeing the mistakes and weaknesses of other, yet the eyes to see the self are so small that its own mistakes are barely visible.

Ego blocks any positive feeling. It does not allow you to appreciate, accept or value others.

If we are able to open the door of the heart and allow feelings of mercy and appreciation to influence the intellect then ego will soon lose its power. Otherwise ego will take control and create its kingdom within your life isolating you from many possibilities of good feelings and friends.

Make a stand for the heart. Challenge the ego.


Om Shanti

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The Terrible Twins

Our spiritual journey is not a physical one.

There will be many companions along the way. They too will take an invisible, incognito form. The eyes of awareness will need to learn to see which are friends and which are foes.

The terrible twins of laziness and carelessness will come along the way. They will befriend the mind and intellect and divert them from the path.

The mind will be told: ‘it is ok to be careless with your thoughts; be comfortable and enjoy life’. The intellect will be given permission to be lazy in discerning what is right and what is wrong, ‘there is no need to work so hard!’.

In this way the terrible twins will come and create their kingdom within yours. They will lead you into a  ‘comfort zone’ which, on a spiritual path, makes survival difficult.

Carelessness and laziness seem minor compared to greed and anger. But because of their incognito nature and their combined force, they are difficult to recognise and eliminate; that is their strength.

Zeal and enthusiasm are the weapons to guard the mind and intellect. An aim which is rooted deeply in the heart is the greatest protection of all.

Watch the heart and keep it fuelled with constant zeal and enthusiasm.

Om Shanti

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Head and Heart

There is a very deep connection between the head and the heart.

The head may know and understand what is ‘right’. It may even want to do that which is ‘right’. However, it will still go against it’s own understanding, logic and fact and do something, knowing full well it is not really the ‘right’ thing to do.

The heart creates feelings and emotions and these are much stronger than logic as they create an experience instantly. The heart will create feelings based on the past and on desires and attachments it may still have: feelings of sympathy, fear, love, doubt etc.

In this way the heart engages the head in the feelings and then influences it totally. It convinces it that there is benefit in doing that which is ‘wrong’, even though it knows otherwise.

The head needs to be clean and clear so that it is not influenced by temporary feeling. This can only happen in soul consciousness.
In soul consciousness we connect with a reservoir of good feelings within, which satisfies the heart. The heart then becomes quiet and no-longer pollutes the head with emotional blackmail, leaving it free to decide.

Make the head and the heart your friends.

Om Shanti

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Mirror of the Heart

A mirror allows me to see that which others can see with their eyes but which I cannot see.

They say, “look at your face in the mirror of your heart”. No-one else can see in the mirror of my heart except me.

The mirror of my heart is subtle and significant. It will allow me to see without any masks of false arrogance. I will see that which I cannot see if I look from the outside. And, I will see honestly what is really going on inside me and why.

I can stay in denial and not look in that mirror. That is my choice. In fact it needs great courage to face the mirror of my heart – to see and to accept the truth, to see what I really am and then to put right that which is wrong.

What do I see in the mirror of my heart?

Om Shanti

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The proof of our spiritual journey is seen in our own transformation. To allow the transformation to take place there is a need for some renunciation. In transformation, something has to be left behind, something has to be renounced.

To renounce something means to forget it. If I have externally renounced something, but my mind hasn’t forgotten it, that cannot be true renunciation.

Physical renunciation is one thing, but the mind and the heart have accumulated so much ‘rubbish’ over time. There has been so much hurt, anger and disappointment that I continue to carry along my journey. When I am able to identify this waste, understand it, then renounce it and never think of it again, that is true renunciation.  It will free the spirit from its cage of the many bondages and burdens trapping it and allow it to fly free.

Do I have the courage to renounce? Do I have the courage to allow the mind to forget?

Om Shanti

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