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Head and Heart

There is a very deep connection between the head and the heart.

The head may know and understand what is ‘right’. It may even want to do that which is ‘right’. However, it will still go against it’s own understanding, logic and fact and do something, knowing full well it is not really the ‘right’ thing to do.

The heart creates feelings and emotions and these are much stronger than logic as they create an experience instantly. The heart will create feelings based on the past and on desires and attachments it may still have: feelings of sympathy, fear, love, doubt etc.

In this way the heart engages the head in the feelings and then influences it totally. It convinces it that there is benefit in doing that which is ‘wrong’, even though it knows otherwise.

The head needs to be clean and clear so that it is not influenced by temporary feeling. This can only happen in soul consciousness.
In soul consciousness we connect with a reservoir of good feelings within, which satisfies the heart. The heart then becomes quiet and no-longer pollutes the head with emotional blackmail, leaving it free to decide.

Make the head and the heart your friends.

Om Shanti

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Mirror of the Heart

A mirror allows me to see that which others can see with their eyes but which I cannot see.

They say, “look at your face in the mirror of your heart”. No-one else can see in the mirror of my heart except me.

The mirror of my heart is subtle and significant. It will allow me to see without any masks of false arrogance. I will see that which I cannot see if I look from the outside. And, I will see honestly what is really going on inside me and why.

I can stay in denial and not look in that mirror. That is my choice. In fact it needs great courage to face the mirror of my heart – to see and to accept the truth, to see what I really am and then to put right that which is wrong.

What do I see in the mirror of my heart?

Om Shanti

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The proof of our spiritual journey is seen in our own transformation. To allow the transformation to take place there is a need for some renunciation. In transformation, something has to be left behind, something has to be renounced.

To renounce something means to forget it. If I have externally renounced something, but my mind hasn’t forgotten it, that cannot be true renunciation.

Physical renunciation is one thing, but the mind and the heart have accumulated so much ‘rubbish’ over time. There has been so much hurt, anger and disappointment that I continue to carry along my journey. When I am able to identify this waste, understand it, then renounce it and never think of it again, that is true renunciation.  It will free the spirit from its cage of the many bondages and burdens trapping it and allow it to fly free.

Do I have the courage to renounce? Do I have the courage to allow the mind to forget?

Om Shanti

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