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Lighthouse of Hope


Nature run’s its own course and no one can stand in its way.

In current times, we are witnessing the suffering and sorrow of souls across the globe – from east to west, north to south cries of sorrow and distress can be heard.

The seemingly ‘powerful’ race of humankind stands helpless, watching, as so much is being destroyed. No amount of money, influence or technology can heal the pain that is being experienced.

At this time, whilst we watch the scenes of nature unfold, what can we do?

Like lighthouses, we can stand tall, still and silent for a moment. From deep within our hearts and minds, we can generate and emanate thoughts of pure feelings and good wishes in one single focused moment. The power of that spiritual light will surely reach and touch souls everywhere and once again ignite hope in their hearts.


Om Shanti

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Motivation or Intention


Behind motivation is always a reason – a goal. That goal then becomes the drive to do something – the motivation.

Intention on the other hand is a much deeper and more subtle character. It is based on deep feelings within the heart – good or bad feelings alike. Those feelings then become the drive behind our goals and aspirations.

So what, I hear you ask…

It is far easier to see our motivations but to see our intentions requires us to dig deeper within the self.

I wish to win the race is my motivation. If I fail then my drive dissipates, my hope and self belief start to falter.
Of course I wish to win the race, but if my intention is to prove I am capable, then win or lose I will not have lost the drive behind the action – the self respect and the will to carry on.

Am I driven by motivation or intention?


Om Shanti

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The Past

Many of us find ourselves living a life with our awareness hinged in the past. As a result we don’t live in the ‘now’. We lose the present moment and all that is has to offer.

The present is the seed of that which will come to fruition tomorrow. If we miss the opportunity to plant healthy seeds of our choice today and instead insist on re-emerging the past and living that then, in so doing so, we will continue to plant the same old seeds again for the future. Our lives are changing all the time and yet we insist on remaining the same.

There is a tendency to be attached to the past, especially when it has caused us some sorrow and pain. This is a huge mistake. However painful or unpleasant the past has been, we have to be committed to erasing it from our consciousness. It does nothing but harm and hinders our progress, and that of others.

Only when we remove the old and outgrown things will there be room to allow newness to flourish. Within newness there is hope, there is enthusiasm and most of all an attitude filled with positivity.

Let the past be the past.

Om Shanti

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