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My Self Created Personality


The person I am today is not the same as the one I was last year or even yesterday. As I go through life I am continuously learning and my personality and character develops over time.

I express myself every day, from moment to moment, often charged with anger, upset or even sadness and then at other times with happiness and enthusiasm . These emotional reactions are a result of a personality that has developed over time. But it is not my true or original personality.

When I allow myself to consciously step away from the safety of the character I have come to believe I am, I step away from the illusion – I let go of all the acquired cleverness, skills, knowledge, experiences and allow my true personality to emerge.

Who am I? I am who I was always and always will be – constant, consistent and forever. I am the spiritual being, the soul, full of all goodness and power. Complete and perfect without the need to prove my self-worth.

Do I have the courage to stop and step away from my self-created personality and respond from my non polluted and original self?


Om Shanti

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The Unlimited Me


Am I aware of how I limit my capacity by imposing constraints and restraints on myself?

Knowingly or unknowingly, my beliefs and perceptions are continually limiting me. How I think, how I feel, how I respond are based on these ‘old’ learnt beliefs and perception.

Subconsciously, I have learnt to create my own limited reality. It provides safety, security and above all I am in control. Behave any differently and fear of the unknown and unexpected arises and brings with it the feeling of vulnerability.

Choosing to base my life on a limited reality means I am not able to ‘see’ that in fact I am making an infinite reality, finite. Everything within my limited reality, including the world, relationships and myself, all become finite.

I am a soul, an energy that is eternal and immortal – one without limits. To realise myself in this way I need to become unlimited, Let me choose to go beyond my self-created limits – physical, mental and emotional.

When I am able to conquer the illusion of fear that keeps me limited, I will break through all boundaries and be free as I was always meant to be.


Om Shanti

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Fear is an Illusion!

boxed_inFear is definitely an illusion – It is not real. It is generated through our thoughts and manifests in our feelings.

Our thoughts create a story in the mind which then generates fear. Even though the story has not yet unfolded – and may never do so, we create and experience that fear by just thinking about it. There may be a very real possibility of danger in our story, but fear is a choice.
We can either live our dreams or live our fears. For many of us we find our living is based on a foundation of fears!!
Our fears are essentially the anxiety of how to deal with the unknown – loosing face, being wrong, failure. Getting clarity on the root cause of fear will help diffuse the ticking anxiety bombs and release our creative power.
When there is darkness there can be a lot of fear. To eliminate fear we need to bring light – the light of awareness, of understanding and enlightenment.
Let us make a choice to bring light into our fear.
Om Shanti


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A Step of Fear


What is fear? Does it really exist or is it just an illusion?

Fear in fact is a feeling and feelings are created with our minds. We project thoughts from the past and hearsay into the present situation giving rise to doubt and concern. The quality of thoughts in turn creates what we call FEAR.

The feeling of fear can be crippling. Not only is my behaviour affected but it generates stress in my mental and emotional state of being.

If I can stop the flow of such thoughts for a moment and step inside, away from the influence of past experiences and all the external facts that seems to fuel fear, then I will arrive in a safe space. A space that is real and stable. The more I remain in this space the more I will be able to connect with ‘reality’ as opposed to the ‘illusion’ that is generated through influence.

To stay in this space and sustain the self from here will help be remove fear totally.

Fear is crippling , step away from fear.


Om Shanti

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The Illusion

An illusion is something that appears to be real, but is not actually real.

If I am able to see through an illusion with understanding, then I will be saved from being deceived. But the fact is that Illusion is often created through our own thoughts and feelings.

The emotions and impressions of the past mixed together with our own creative thinking and hearsay manifest themselves in the form of an illusion around us. Then within that illusion we act and interact with life. And when it comes to the intellect’s time to decide what to do, what is right and what is wrong, it is influenced by the illusion surrounding it resulting in further illusion.

Our own thoughts and feelings are the key players in this. They are responsible for the waste thoughts which multiply uncontrollably and the feelings that follow in support. It may appear that they are our protectors and guards against all who are out to get us, but that is the illusion.

Don’t be deceived by the illusions of your own mind.


Om Shanti

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Self Realisation

Throughout life we walk around thinking and believing we are someone – someone with a body and a name and all the rest of the baggage that life bestows.

Self-realisation is a process of awakening from this great illusion of being that someone, the realisation that we are not the body and all that it owns. We are in fact separate from all of that which we had considered our own.

Awakening happens over a period of time. It takes time to peel off the layers of belief, illusion and identity. And then there are the various layers of awareness that we build over time and through life. All of this has to be removed, one by one until the self is realised.

When the last illusion is lifted and we reach the ultimate point of self, that is the realisation which awakens the soul. Then we will be fully in the light, with not even the darkness of a shadow lingering behind.

Awaken Oh soul and realise the self!

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Paper Tiger

Maya is often referred to as a paper tiger.

Maya is illusion and its sole role is to support the negative and vicious within us.

Maya comes to us when we have to make a decision between what is right and wrong. It comes to create doubt, fear and insecurity within the self so that we don’t have the courage to make a difficult choice, the right choice.
And sometimes maya’s form is so subtle that we don’t immediately recognise that it is influencing our decision making.

Maya is like the paper tiger: it has a fearsome form but is insubstantial and can be easily discarded.

Recognise the paper tiger and have the courage to face and transform it.

Om Shanti

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Maya is an important character in our drama of life. She herself is incognito and thus is never ‘seen’. But her extraordinary role is to create illusion. Maya means illusion.

We think and act according to what we feel is right. The mind and intellect are the key players in making this decision.

Maya is very clever; she enters the mind silently when we are not looking. She befriends the intellect and encourages it to do that which is wrong. It is that voice inside which says ‘do it, it’s ok’, ‘you deserve that’, etc..

Maya in fact feeds the weaknesses that are within and gives them the right to stand up and fight. These weaknesses then influence us to doing the wrong thing, sometimes even against our conscious wish. So, it is our jealousy that will illude us and make us take the wrong step, or need for praise, or need for security or love etc…  These are not gross forms of the vices but they are the weakness that are behind the vices.

These weaknesses have become so deep that they appear to be part and parcel of our personality. However, the truth is that the soul is originally and eternally virtuous. Maya empowers the weaknesses and makes us believe they are our friends. That is the illusion!

Are you trapped in the illusion of Maya?

Om Shanti

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