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Who am I again?

It is the eternal question of identity. Who is it that I really am?

If I can see something or experience it then that which I see, experience or use cannot be ‘me’ as I am the one that is seeing’, ‘experiencing’ or ‘using’.

As I look deeper at my subtle self, my thoughts, my feelings and even my intellect, I begin to realise that maybe I am not even these subtle aspects of what I call ‘I’.

Yes, I have a mind, but I can step back and look at what is going on in my mind. So the mind cannot be ‘I’ as ‘I’ am the one that is looking at the mind.
I have feelings and I can experience these feelings – so I am the one experiencing and not the feelings themselves.
I use my intellect to discern, judge and decide – I use this factuality actively to perform an operation. So the intellect cannot be ‘me’.
So who is it that I am? it needs stillness, silence and patience with the self to understand. It requires the exclusion of everything else to experience this ultimate truth.

I am awareness…..I am pure consciousness.


Om Shanti

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At the Heart of Ego

Ego is the most subtle of all vices. Unlike the other vices, ego stands alone and needs no-one. It is the only vice whose entry point is through the intellect and not through feelings of the heart.

Ego cannot tolerate the praise of others. It lives off comparison, competition and criticism because what ego wants to show is that it is better than the other.

The eyes of ego are very big in seeing the mistakes and weaknesses of other, yet the eyes to see the self are so small that its own mistakes are barely visible.

Ego blocks any positive feeling. It does not allow you to appreciate, accept or value others.

If we are able to open the door of the heart and allow feelings of mercy and appreciation to influence the intellect then ego will soon lose its power. Otherwise ego will take control and create its kingdom within your life isolating you from many possibilities of good feelings and friends.

Make a stand for the heart. Challenge the ego.


Om Shanti

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Assumptions are part and parcel of life. We make so many assumptions about people, places and things, often based on our background and culture. But assumptions are always something that we believe to be true without knowing it to be.

Assumptions become inputs into our day-to-day natural decision making process. The intellect uses assumptions as facts, but without actually knowing them to be such. This clouds its ability to discern clearly. Assumptions become the risk in the equation being calculated.

When assumptions are wrong then they can cause a lot of unpredictable responses. If our assumptions involve or affect others in any way, then the risk is that we may hurt others or cause complications in their lives. Such risks are better avoided. It is better not to assume. Take the time to find the facts before engaging the intellect in its work.

Assumptions can be useful, but people and their feelings are invaluable: don’t assume!

Om Sahnti

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Mine, Mine

Everything that I own is mine: my house, my car, my education, my capital etc. There are so many things in life that I would consider to be ‘mine’. However all things change, they are temporary, thus nothing remains ‘mine’ forever.

When there is the consciousness of ‘mine’ then the intellect begins to take this as a fact. In doing so it is no longer able to discern accurately. What is right or wrong in a situation will be coloured with the motive that what is ‘mine’ should benefit.

The eye of the intellect will no longer see as a detached and neutral party. The intellect’s ability to judge accurately will be crippled and biased. Multiply this by all that I consider to be ‘mine’ and all the decisions I make each day, and it becomes clear how much damage this attitude of ‘mine’ can cause.

I need to separate  myself from all that I consider to be ‘mine’ and to become detached. This is only possible when I shift my awareness and understanding to the fact that I am a soul. In soul consciousness there is the ability to see with clarity and, above all, without the influence of motive.

As a soul I own nothing, but I am love, I am peace, I am truth.
I own nothing, but I am everything I could ever want.

Om Shanti

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Ego is one of those vices which some would class as ‘good to have’; it allows one to be ‘positioned’ and ‘noticed’, and ‘respected’ even.

However the thing with ego, specifically subtle forms of ego, is that it sits you on a false seat. Then when the truth reveals itself, which it will, there will be realisation and pain. And also the shame of knowing that everyone but you always knew.

Unlike any other vice, ego cripples the intellect’s ability to discern. Ego adopts a form based on a speciality – on whatever is good within the self – and so disguises itself in that. It attracts the soul and it deludes it so that it is difficult for the self to recognise that this is ego.

Like salt mixed in sugar, it is not obvious and not everyone would know. However the moment it is tasted and experienced the truth is revealed. Its character and taste cannot remain hidden and salt can never be sweet! Everyone will be able to taste it except you. For the self it is something that has to be realised.

Watch out for that attractive form of ego!

Om Shanti

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The Terrible Twins

Our spiritual journey is not a physical one.

There will be many companions along the way. They too will take an invisible, incognito form. The eyes of awareness will need to learn to see which are friends and which are foes.

The terrible twins of laziness and carelessness will come along the way. They will befriend the mind and intellect and divert them from the path.

The mind will be told: ‘it is ok to be careless with your thoughts; be comfortable and enjoy life’. The intellect will be given permission to be lazy in discerning what is right and what is wrong, ‘there is no need to work so hard!’.

In this way the terrible twins will come and create their kingdom within yours. They will lead you into a  ‘comfort zone’ which, on a spiritual path, makes survival difficult.

Carelessness and laziness seem minor compared to greed and anger. But because of their incognito nature and their combined force, they are difficult to recognise and eliminate; that is their strength.

Zeal and enthusiasm are the weapons to guard the mind and intellect. An aim which is rooted deeply in the heart is the greatest protection of all.

Watch the heart and keep it fuelled with constant zeal and enthusiasm.

Om Shanti

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Arjuna is the name given to the great warrior in the Indian epic of the Mahabharat.

He was known for his clarity, concentration, focused aim and fearless determination. He was known to be the one who took the first step with courage.

Spiritually Arjuna represents the ability of the intellect to remain stable, clear and courageous. Otherwise the intellect can be easily pulled in many directions and then there will be questions, confusion and many, many options.
Clarity and stability come when there is an aim which is defined and understood.

When the aim of life is not understood clearly then we wander aimlessly searching something. For happiness maybe, wealth maybe, love maybe or maybe something else.

When the aim is clear, the journey becomes focused and then the destination is close.

Be Arjuna today!

Om Shanti

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Bead in the Mouth

When we put a bead in the mouth it means that we need to pay attention so that we don’t swallow it and choke.

Spiritually, what is it that I need to pay attention to so as not to choke?
I need to put a bead in my mind and intellect to prevent anything negative emerging.  These are the faculties that react to situations on an internal level.  Internal reaction will result in the external expression of that.  This causes damage to the self and others around me.

If I have a bead in my mouth, it will not be possible for anger, for example, to emerge from it.

When I keep a watch over what is going on inside and pay constant attention to my thoughts and feelings it gives me time to avoid an unconsidered reaction to an adverse situation.  I will stop, even for a second, and that is all that is needed to take control.

Try placing a bead in your mouth.

Om Shanti

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3 Wise Monkeys

‘See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil’ is the message of the 3 Wise Monkeys.
However it does not apply to monkeys. This wisdom refers to the intellect, the ‘buddhi’ of human beings.

The intellect is that which has the capacity to understand, discern, calculate and judge. It is on the basis of the intellect that we decide what we will and will not do. Information comes in from the outside world through the physical organs: the eyes, the ears and the mouth. This then influences the decisions that the intellect makes.

Information can be subjective and ever-changing. What is truth today may be false tomorrow. If I make decisions based on uncertain truths, jumping from one branch to another, chasing one thing or another, then what will that make me?

When the intellect has lost it’s ability to use the wisdom within and is driven through the sense organs, this results in a ‘monkey’ intellect.

Stop! Stop! Stop! – Be Wise.

Om Shanti

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