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Bead in the Mouth

When we put a bead in the mouth it means that we need to pay attention so that we don’t swallow it and choke.

Spiritually, what is it that I need to pay attention to so as not to choke?
I need to put a bead in my mind and intellect to prevent anything negative emerging.  These are the faculties that react to situations on an internal level.  Internal reaction will result in the external expression of that.  This causes damage to the self and others around me.

If I have a bead in my mouth, it will not be possible for anger, for example, to emerge from it.

When I keep a watch over what is going on inside and pay constant attention to my thoughts and feelings it gives me time to avoid an unconsidered reaction to an adverse situation.  I will stop, even for a second, and that is all that is needed to take control.

Try placing a bead in your mouth.

Om Shanti

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3 Wise Monkeys

‘See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil’ is the message of the 3 Wise Monkeys.
However it does not apply to monkeys. This wisdom refers to the intellect, the ‘buddhi’ of human beings.

The intellect is that which has the capacity to understand, discern, calculate and judge. It is on the basis of the intellect that we decide what we will and will not do. Information comes in from the outside world through the physical organs: the eyes, the ears and the mouth. This then influences the decisions that the intellect makes.

Information can be subjective and ever-changing. What is truth today may be false tomorrow. If I make decisions based on uncertain truths, jumping from one branch to another, chasing one thing or another, then what will that make me?

When the intellect has lost it’s ability to use the wisdom within and is driven through the sense organs, this results in a ‘monkey’ intellect.

Stop! Stop! Stop! – Be Wise.

Om Shanti

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