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The Inner World


I turn inwards and through the window of my inner eye, I look into the world within.

I watch and I listen to the incessant internal chattering and the scenes of drama that are being enacted. I see the various characters of my personality at play. How the ‘goodness’ within is influenced by other more negative aspects of the self. How jealousy plays out its role and greed and even irritation. And the biggest and strongest player of all is that of my ‘all knowing’ ego.

I observe that these negative characters actually ‘fight’ for me, for what they believe to be advantageous for me. However in doing so they weaken and even kill the purest and honest ‘goodness’ that I possess intrinsically and naturally within the soul.

It is my own inner world and I am the hero of this world – yet I allow the characters to play out their parts without any direction or control. The responsibility actually lies with the self, The Director, and not the characters or the play.

Let me wake up to my inner world and let me play my hero part there.

When my inner world is healthy then the outer one will follow suit.


Om Shanti

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Inspired by God


Am I able to identify and understand the driving force behind my thinking, my feelings, the choices I make in life? What influences my decision making?

There is a constant inner chatter that buzzes in my mind. It invades my internal ‘space’ by continuously verifying and validating the decisions I make – will it yield the maximum return in the shortest possible time? – not perhaps a monetary return but a return just the same. My thinking and my choices are inspired by results, goals and gains.

However that which is the ‘greatest’ and ‘best’ result may not be the most beneficial outcome for me. It may not open up the most fruitful road to the future.

There is a force of goodness that will always pull me towards itself, it will guide and guard me towards itself. We can call it a force of goodness or we can call it God.

I have to be willing to let go of the apparent safely of my own inner chatter in order to be receptive to it. And when I am, I will see I am being influenced by the greatest good.

Within my thinking, being and doing, is there ‘space’ to be inspired by God?


Om Shanti

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Internal Peace


To find eternal, internal peace is the ultimate need of us all.
We may not be actively looking for it but it is our desire to reach that place of comfort and completeness – the experience of peace.

Even though we want it, most of us don’t see it is a tangible or well-defined goal for ourselves. Maybe the reason for that is that we don’t know how it can ever happen, or how we can achieve it.

In a world that is fast and ever changing, a world in which there is fear and insecurity, how is it possible to find peace?

The solution is simple – so simple that most of us fail to see it even though it is standing in front of us.

The key that will open the door to the possibility of attaining peace within the self is the choices we make. When we choose to stop all negativity in our thoughts and feelings, our words and vision, that will be the moment of change.

Make a choice for Peace – stop negativity.


Om Shanti

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External situations that happen are out of our control. Some situations we understand and thus accept and this allows us to let go and move on. Others remain unjustified in our hearts and minds and thus create disturbances in our life both externally and internally.

Situations and challenges will come, whether they are logical, justified or not. This is part and parcel of life. The realisation comes when we learn to see and accept that it is actually not the situation that is causing the disturbance in our life but our own inability to handle it.

It is not the traffic jam on the road that disturbs us, but our inability to handle the internal disturbance caused by the traffic jam that disturbs us.

More than the event, it is often our reaction to the problem that allows chaos and disturbances in our life. Change the internal reaction and the situation will no longer defeat us.

Om Shanti

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Habit of Postponing


Do I have the habit of postponing?

Physical tasks that need doing get left for another day because we prefer to do something else or perhaps have no time. But what about the things that we need to work on internally which don’t necessarily require us to chose, but that can be done while doing others things?

We know the importance of our inner state of being and the impact it has on the quality of our lives. Yet we say ‘I will make time later to observe my thoughts and feelings when I have dealt with this, that and other’.

There are always things that need doing, but we postpone and maybe even avoid, the subtle task of connecting and re-connecting with our inner self or of checking and changing our thoughts and feelings while we go about our daily lives.

Our internal state of being will affects everything else we do: the way we interact with the external world we live in. The practice of self-reflection is absolutely vital for keeping our inner energy nourished.

Don’t postpone.


Om Shanti

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Internal Corruption


We are so aware of the various forms of corruption that happen in the world. Each day we hear news of yet another scandal – another person trying to cheat the people and the law of the land.

Internally in our own personality, within the human soul, there is also a government of righteousness that rules. When that government is deceived or the laws of that land are broken then the penalties are also experienced.

Am I aware of the corruption going on inside? Am I aware of the characters at play in my own internal world?

Ego will make me do things to ensure regard, respect and popularity. Greed and Attachment will instigate fear within and thus encourage the need to dominate and control. And anger will raise its head when my desires are not fulfilled.

Is there corruption going on in my inner world?


Om Shanti

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A Tin of Pebbles

The nature of being extroverted is such that it demands attention. It is surrounded by noise and activities, all directed towards the need for attention in the form of respect, love, appreciation etc.

It seems this nature within the self is like the rattling of pebbles in a tin; it happens because the tin is not full.

We may appear to be full, busy and active and have a ‘noisy’, ‘fulfilling’ life on the outside. But am I full on the inside? Have I taken time to see?

If I am able to spot even subtle forms of this nature within the self then this is the first step to identifying and then filling the emptiness inside. An external and physical means of fulfilment will address only external emptiness. It can never reach my internal space. If I want to be internally  filled then the source has to also be one which is subtle and internal. The greatest thing about internal things is that I am in control of what I do and how I do it. I am not dependent on others to make  it happen.

Let me take a peek and see, how full is my tin?


Om Shanti

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Sitting Tenants

When we become silent and still for a while there is the awareness of our own internal space. This space is personal and sacred. It is also the space in which the meeting with God takes place.

Having become so body conscious and externalised we have not only let go of the sacredness of this space but we have allowed the external world to enter and pollute it. We give our internal space away to others. They come and sit and then they just don’t leave – they become sitting tenants of our private space.

How can we reclaim our sacred space or even invite God into that space if we have sitting tenants occupying it?

We must take care to keep our internal space free. Make sure we don’t allow someone or something to invade it. And if they do, we should not hesitate to throw them out otherwise, they will get comfortable and then throw us out.

This sacred internal space is the only thing that we really own – value it, it is invaluable!


Om Shanti

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