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They say that whatever is destined will happen.

Whether I win or lose, whether there is happiness or pain … it is predestined.

But who is it that holds the pen that writes my destiny? Who decides whether I will experience sorrow and pain or happiness and joy? Who is it that decides?

We may be surprised to learn, we may even dis- believe, that the one that holds the pen that writes our destiny is I and only I!

It is the Law of Karma – action and reaction are equal and opposite. The seeds I chose to plant today will determine the fruits that I reap tomorrow.

It is an accurate and absolute law…there is no escape from the results of karma. Today, tomorrow, next year or even next birth…it will give its return.

And about God, what can He do to help?
He cannot change my action and so He cannot change the result of my action – it is as simple as that.

I am the one that chooses my every thought, my every word and my every action …. therefore let me choose wisely!


Om Shanti

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Give and Take


I am giving and taking something at every moment of my life. Whether it is through my thoughts, words, actions or even through my feelings.

Karma creates my account of give and take, and the law of karma states: whatever I give, I will receive in return.

Am I aware of the subtle exchanges happening internally? The feelings that I hold and the thoughts that I entertain will also bring a return.

When I respond to situations with negative thoughts and feelings, I am actually taking temporary power from that in the form of authority, respect and control. It is a negative form of power because it is based on fear. And the return for that will also be the same.

It takes courage to give positivity in the face of challenge because it means I am renouncing taking something at that time.

In any situation, stop and check the quality of the exchange. If I am not giving happiness or power, then it is better not to give anything at all.


Om Shanti

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A sin is usually something we do which is ‘wrong’ or ‘not good’. We try not to be sinful as we say that the result of sin is ‘punishment’.

The result of anything we do will always come back to us. This is the spiritual law of action: As I sow so shall I reap.
Punishment is thus just the natural spiritual return of having done something that was not good.

It is not that God gives the punishment for the sins I commit. He is the bestower of happiness, how would that One then give sorrow?
The one who commits the sin is me. The one who imposes the return of the sin is also me.

A sin is thus any thought, word or action which will eventually cause sorrow to the self and others.

Am I being sinful?

Om Shanti

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A Question of Give and Take

Within our journey of life we go through various scenes which are unique, challenging, beautiful and entertaining.
Who decides what life presents us with. Is it destiny or fate?

Life is actually a question of give and take. No-one decides what happens in my life but I.

Whatever I take, I will have to give and whatever is received will have to be returned in equal measure. It is all a question of consequential balance.
There are no favours, no luck or fortune involved. It is all just an automatic balancing act in which the final account will equate. Simply a natural, spiritual law of life called karma.

Each day I am giving and taking in life, with each thought, word and action. Am I aware of what I am giving and what I am taking? Who I am giving to and how is it happening?
If not today, then tomorrow, and if not then at some point in life, the balance will be made.

Become aware as it is probably the most important thing in deciding what the journey of life will present me with tomorrow.

‘Give life the best you have and the best will come to you’.


Om Shanti

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Bank Balance of Life

What is in your bank balance of life?

With each thought, word and action we express each day, we make a deposit into our bank balance of life. It is actually a question of karma. Karma means action, and the philosophy of karma is that ‘what goes around comes around’.

The scenes and situations that present themselves to us in life are not random; they happen as a result of karma. We value the beautiful and happy moments and prefer to avoid the stressful and sad ones. However, the law of karma states that we always get the return of the karma we deposit.

When our actions are charitable, when they give happiness, we deposit positive karma in our account. These actions, which include our thoughts and words, are a result of expressing virtues.  Conversely, we cause sorrow or pain as a result of our vices. Then we deposit negative karma in our account.

If we wish to have a good return then we must also deposit the same.

So what is your bank balance of life?

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Gossip is like a fire. It starts with a tiny spark: a small misunderstanding, untruth or fact.

The spark, if fuelled, will create a fire which will spread and will continue to spread. And as it expands it will cause more and more damage along its path.

Gossip is such that it makes that which is false or insignificant into something that is ‘true’ and significant. It spreads like fire, fuelled by everyone’s support. And along its way it breeds the feelings of sorrow and upset for many souls.

To partake in gossip means to choose to use one’s thoughts and words in a way that will harm and cause unhappiness and pain to another. The result of this will definitely be the same in return. This is the universal law of karma.

Stop and check – am I fuelling gossip?

Om Shanti

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Karma simply means action. Karma will bring it’s own fruit. The fruits of today (good or bad) have come as a direct result of past karma. Nothing happens by chance and there is no such thing as ‘good’ or ‘back’ luck!

What then influences the actions that I perform? My thoughts, my attitude, my intentions and motives become the springboard from which I perform our each and every action.

Ensure that the seed of influence behind each action is good. Then the action itself will be good and the fruit of that will definitely be good.

Om Shanti.

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