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Why am I talking?


We often hear the phrase ‘Its good to talk’. And of course speech is a very powerful tool, allowing us to express our attitudes and true feelings.

However, as someone recently pointed out – whenever we speak, there is always a reason behind it. We may not be aware of it but definitely there is some intent and the quality of intent will vary from time to time. We may find that sometimes on a surface level the intent maybe loving and full of respect and it genuinely feels really good. But dive deeper under the surface and perhaps we may discover some deep personal desires of wants and needs that are governing the intent behind our talking …talking to take control, get regard, respect, be acknowledged, gain acceptance, be included, undermine others to feel more powerful…….

Its good to talk, but let me be honest and check my intent behind it. Let me make this a natural practice because surely as we learn to develop purity in our intent, the power behind our words will have a powerful positive impact – both on me and others!


Om Shanti

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The Control Factor


We all want the best for ourselves and as a result we work hard to make things happen. With determination we can achieve anything.

There is however a difference between the virtue of determination and that of needing to have control over things in order to achieve success.

We often face challenges in achieving our goals. The power of determination will allow us to adjust and adapt to challenges whilst keeping the goal in mind.

Control on the other hand will not allow flexibility and thus will breed fear of not achieving. As a result it will give rise to stress, tension and anger. We will try and control things and make things happen in the way they ‘should be’ and thus try and force things in an ‘un-natural’ way.

No matter how much force we use to control people and circumstances, there is never a guarantee of results. And a forced victory, received at the cost of much hurt and stress, is a bitter fruit.

Learn to hold determination and let go of the need to control.


Om Shanti

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Who’s at Fault?


Someone did something wrong – it happens – but what follows is much more important than the mistake itself.

The immediate reaction internally, to arising feelings, is that we experience continuous waves of thoughts about that situation.
We replay the scene again and again in our minds and confirm it to be their fault. Or we try and justify it with reason and excuses. We may even become critical and start to blame.

We think and over think about the mistake and in doing so we allow it to grow in our mind until it becomes a big thing.

If we continue to focus on what is wrong then how will it ever finish or improve?

A negative can never be transformed by adding more negativity, just like adding more darkness to an already dark room will keep it dark. Light is needed to transform or finish the darkness.

Getting stuck in a situation will not allow us to see the solution. It will also not allow us to learn and grow from the experience.

Stop and let go of blame and justification – concentrate on the solution.


Om Shanti

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We all make mistakes from time to time, and when they happen they generate a negative and uncomfortable feeling inside.

Any type of negativity that we experience causes us varying degrees of pain and sorrow.

If I am able to adjust my attitude and take a standpoint of ‘learning’ in the face of mistakes, then this will act as
armour around me. It will protect me from suffering and help to mitigate the damage.
This process, in which negative is converted into positive, mistakes into learning, will ultimately bring benefit and growth.

Don’t hold onto mistakes. Transform them into valuable lessons for tomorrow.

Om Shanti

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