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Sacrificial Fire

The symbol of the sacrificial fire has deep spiritual significance.

In order to attain spiritual truth and awakening, one needs to sacrifice and burn all that is not ‘real’; whether that is position, possessions or even identity. This will free the soul from the cage of its physical reality.

Name and fame that one acquires over time are temporary; they may leave at any time. Even the vices that are so deeply rooted within our personalities have been acquired over life and time. Though they seem to have existed eternally, they do not belong to me. The soul in its original, pure form is completely virtuous.

To sacrifice means to internally let go of any dependence or reliance on anything transient. To be dependent on something that is temporary or does not ‘belong’ to me is a mistake.

If my happiness is based on any form of vice that manifests itself, or my role or responsibilities or respect that others give me, then these become a source of false support for the soul.

Let go of dependence on anything ‘false’ and allow your virtues, qualities and spiritual powers to support you.


Om Shanti

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