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Paper Tiger

Maya is often referred to as a paper tiger.

Maya is illusion and its sole role is to support the negative and vicious within us.

Maya comes to us when we have to make a decision between what is right and wrong. It comes to create doubt, fear and insecurity within the self so that we don’t have the courage to make a difficult choice, the right choice.
And sometimes maya’s form is so subtle that we don’t immediately recognise that it is influencing our decision making.

Maya is like the paper tiger: it has a fearsome form but is insubstantial and can be easily discarded.

Recognise the paper tiger and have the courage to face and transform it.

Om Shanti

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Maya is an important character in our drama of life. She herself is incognito and thus is never ‘seen’. But her extraordinary role is to create illusion. Maya means illusion.

We think and act according to what we feel is right. The mind and intellect are the key players in making this decision.

Maya is very clever; she enters the mind silently when we are not looking. She befriends the intellect and encourages it to do that which is wrong. It is that voice inside which says ‘do it, it’s ok’, ‘you deserve that’, etc..

Maya in fact feeds the weaknesses that are within and gives them the right to stand up and fight. These weaknesses then influence us to doing the wrong thing, sometimes even against our conscious wish. So, it is our jealousy that will illude us and make us take the wrong step, or need for praise, or need for security or love etc…  These are not gross forms of the vices but they are the weakness that are behind the vices.

These weaknesses have become so deep that they appear to be part and parcel of our personality. However, the truth is that the soul is originally and eternally virtuous. Maya empowers the weaknesses and makes us believe they are our friends. That is the illusion!

Are you trapped in the illusion of Maya?

Om Shanti

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Inspired by the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris

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