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Peace of Mind


To be peaceful means to have thoughts filled with peace and power.

Negative and wasteful thoughts are the cause of peacelessness. Peace cannot survive in their presence. They generate dislike, fear, confusion and a feeling of not being in control.

Even ordinary thoughts take space, leaving no time for peaceful and empowering thoughts.

The key to cultivating a peaceful life is to make room for peaceful thoughts. Simple.

Om Shanti

September 26, 2013 at 7:27 am 7 comments

A World of Suffering


It is a world in which there is so much suffering and pain. Physically there may be wealth but emotionally and mentally there is suffering.

Deep within the soul there is a subtle sense of suffering due to a lack of peace, contentment and perhaps even true love. This then does not allow the soul to be free.

In such a world we see, experience and absorb suffering by default. Whatever it is that we absorb and hold within us, naturally that is what we give back to the world we live in.

If we are to make a difference then we need to be aware to stop absorbing all the negativity that is present in the world around us. We also need to proactively spend time nurturing the virtues of peace, contentment and love within our own selves. This will protect us from absorbing negativity but also allow us to share goodness with the world.

Change in the world begins with me. Let me take this step and make a difference.


Om Shanti

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The Secret of Attitude

Attitude is often the springboard from which our thoughts and feelings are generated.

How would you describe a glass that is half filled with liquid – is the glass half full or is it half empty?

It is the same glass with the same quantity of liquid held in it, but depending on my attitude I will see it half full or half empty: I will see it in a positive way or a negative way.

Whatever the situation, a positive attitude will not only allows us to see it differently, but it will then allow us to deal with it in a positive way.

We need to learn to watch the underlying attitude beneath the thoughts and feelings that are surfacing. It will open up doors into self discovery and reveal the valuable keys needed for self transformation.

Watch that attitude.


Om Shanti

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The Critical ‘I’

The nature of being critical makes us harbour negative thoughts and feelings inside. Being critical has deep within it the dis-ability to appreciate.

Criticism is based on that which I see with my eyes and the habit of seeing fault. The moment criticism starts we take that which is outside, inside. Then the negative and critical thoughts generated create equivalent feelings and attitude within the self.

Criticism starts with the self and ends with the self – subtly, I myself will be harmed the most by it. Slowly but surely, criticism will drain all the positive and light energy that naturally sits within the self. This will then not allow me to remain happy, satisfied, detached or free.

Develop the ability to see and appreciate; to see and then simply move on.

Save the self from developing the habit of the the critical eye because the critical eye creates the critical ‘I’.


Om Shanti

October 29, 2011 at 10:12 am 1 comment

Bank Balance of Life

What is in your bank balance of life?

With each thought, word and action we express each day, we make a deposit into our bank balance of life. It is actually a question of karma. Karma means action, and the philosophy of karma is that ‘what goes around comes around’.

The scenes and situations that present themselves to us in life are not random; they happen as a result of karma. We value the beautiful and happy moments and prefer to avoid the stressful and sad ones. However, the law of karma states that we always get the return of the karma we deposit.

When our actions are charitable, when they give happiness, we deposit positive karma in our account. These actions, which include our thoughts and words, are a result of expressing virtues.  Conversely, we cause sorrow or pain as a result of our vices. Then we deposit negative karma in our account.

If we wish to have a good return then we must also deposit the same.

So what is your bank balance of life?

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