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Change is the only Constant


Try as we will nothing ever stays the same. Each moment that passes is a new one. And yet so often we find ourselves avoiding, ignoring and even fighting changes that come into our lives.

Change is more acceptable perhaps if we have control over it. However when we do not have control, we are sometimes overpowered with fear and insecurity. Our defense mechanisms become alert and we prepare for battle.

Understanding that change is the only constant, will set us free. Choose to welcome change as a blessing in disguise, and we may just start to experience newness in our lives. It is a wonderful gift the universe offers us – to learn and grow constantly.

What will I choose to be today? – a stagnant pool of water – standing still, or a flowing river always ready to go with the flow.


Om Shanti

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Cloaked by the Mind


Our mind is like a canvas upon which we can consciously ‘create’ and bring newness into our life.

However, we quite often find that our thinking is coloured by distractions of deeply held memories, beliefs and perceptions within our sub-conscious.

And we find that instead of being ‘creative’ we simply continue to lead a life of repetition – based on these memories, beliefs and perceptions.

Holding onto things – thoughts, images, ideas, concepts or beliefs does not allow us to be creative with new possibilities and insights.

The ‘old things’ that are on our minds create a cloak over us in a way that does not allow us to realise the potential of something new.

We ‘cloak ourselves in this way, sometimes consciously or more often unconsciously, and develop a false sense of ‘I’.

Uncloak yourself and create the new you!


Om Shanti

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Embrace Change


When things around us remain the same then we adapt to them and become comfortable in that physical or even mental and emotional space. We begin to feel ‘safe’ and ‘secure’ in that which we know. Why disrupt the status quo?

However life is a journey and we are in fact moving all the time. Even on a physical level, the cells in our bodies are regenerating themselves constantly. Change is a fact of life.

When we try and resist change then it becomes a challenge and thus the enemy. If we understand change and try and embrace it then we will realise that change is actually beneficial. Change enables us to increase our potential, allowing us to learn and grow. It brings newness and allows transformation to take place.

Stand up and embrace change don’t resist it.


Om Shanti

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Open the Box

boxed_inWe have a tendency to lock ourselves up in the box of a personality that we have created for ourselves.

Then we convince ourselves that it is fine, or we disguise the flaws within and pretend that they are not there.

As the new year sets in, let me take the time to reflect and see what things I could change.  To change the physical is one thing but to change the more subtle aspects of the self is another matter.

With courage, open the box that imprisons you – the box of expectations, ‘show’ and much more.

Have the determined thought to change one thing and you will see that so much will follow.

Om Shanti

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The Past

Many of us find ourselves living a life with our awareness hinged in the past. As a result we don’t live in the ‘now’. We lose the present moment and all that is has to offer.

The present is the seed of that which will come to fruition tomorrow. If we miss the opportunity to plant healthy seeds of our choice today and instead insist on re-emerging the past and living that then, in so doing so, we will continue to plant the same old seeds again for the future. Our lives are changing all the time and yet we insist on remaining the same.

There is a tendency to be attached to the past, especially when it has caused us some sorrow and pain. This is a huge mistake. However painful or unpleasant the past has been, we have to be committed to erasing it from our consciousness. It does nothing but harm and hinders our progress, and that of others.

Only when we remove the old and outgrown things will there be room to allow newness to flourish. Within newness there is hope, there is enthusiasm and most of all an attitude filled with positivity.

Let the past be the past.

Om Shanti

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