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In the Moment

trikaldarshiIn my mind I stand still in the present moment. I come face to face with myself – no frills, no flaws, just me as I am.

I am no longer connected with an image of what I was or what I would like to be. The past or future are not projected into my now.

In this very real moment of truth I realise that I don’t need to become. In every moment I am already what I need to be. Nothing more and nothing less. I am perfect for this role within the scene of this moment.

I just need to be me!


Om Shanti

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The Still Point


In my mind, can I ‘hold’ this moment, this second, right now?

If I hold it I will experience the ‘still point’. It is the experience of eternity, of time, of self. Within this moment there is everything that is, was and ever will be.

It is an amazing feeling which brings me face to face with truth.
This is what I am, this is what I was and will be forever – nothing more and nothing less.
Everything else is only a passing scene.

Stop and stand within the Still Point for a moment and see.


Om Shanti

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Today I had a thought: What is eternity?

Eternity is forever, something without a beginning or an end. And yet eternity is now, this present moment.
Once this time passes by, it is gone and so no longer exists. A moment yet to come is unknown and perhaps not even there.
So the only eternity I really know is in the here and now.

Let me use this precious moment in the best way possible. Let me use it to love, to laugh and to share happiness.

If I can do this then my every moment will be valuable, through to eternity.

Om Shanti

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The Gift of Time


We give time to many things and everything takes time. We have many desires and these consume a lot of our time too.

When we are born, we are given the gift of time. The time between birth and death is the most valuable gift we receive and yet in reality the only time we have is now. We spend all our life remembering the past and what could have been or planning for the future, hoping and worrying if it will happen.

For a spiritual pilgrim, time is a matter of only now. The present moment is when I really experience life and within that I plant my seeds for the future too. If I can remain present in the moment and ensure that each seed I plant, with my thoughts words and deeds, is healthy and full of goodness, then the future will automatically be fulfilling.

Do the best you can right here, right now.

Om Shanti

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Living in the NOW!


Live in the present moment and remain content with now.

Thinking of and holding on to the past will only fill the mind and heart with regrets about what could have been.

Living in the future reminds me of what I still need to achieve and thus what I do not have at his time.

Stand in the present moment, live it with all your heart as if it is your last moment. Value the time, value the people and value the life that you have.

Live in the Now!

Om Shanti

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