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Stop and Observe


In a fast moving world that operates on the basis of actions and reactions, is it possible for me to step back and observe?

My automatic reaction to life’s dramas seem to be controlled by a force that I am not directly managing. And then these reactions become the basis of my tomorrow.

In the face of situations let me see if I can apply a brake. To stop and not engage at any level – whether it be my thoughts, words, actions or even feelings.

If I am able to stop then I can become the observer of the scene – Who is doing what and why?

If I can step back even further then I become the observer of the self and my behaviour within the scene. What am I thinking and feeling about the scene and what are the needs and desires which are fuelling that?

Developing the ability to ‘Stop’ will allow me to begin to understand the things that control me from a very deep space within the soul. I begin to reveal myself to myself and in doing so I am able to become free.


Om Shanti

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My Internal Library


The experiences of what we think, speak and do today are automatically being recorded and archived in our internal library – the subconscious. Unless we are aware of this process, we have no idea what is being stored in our ‘library’ each day. This ‘library’ then becomes the basis of our future actions and reactions

It is amazing to observe ourselves auto-responding to everyday situations, often realising we have little control over how we react. How often do we find ourselves saying, ‘I didn’t mean to react like that’, I didn’t mean to think like that…it just happened’.

By observing our behaviour and their roots, we will start to understand the deeply held beliefs and perceptions that shapes our actions and therefore our experiences. We can consciously start to unravel the feelings and emotions these experiences trigger within us.

Then there is the opportunity to change. To choose whether we want to hold on to the old ways and continue to move along as we were, or, whether it is time let go of the lies behind be-lie-fs, the blindness behind baseless perceptions and re-invent our internal library – filling it with experiences based on truth.


Om Shanti

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Candid Camera


Have you ever watched that hilarious TV show called ‘Candid Camera’?

People are tricked into being part of a practical joke which has been set up to appear as a real life situation. As they walk into the scene their reactions are captured on camera. They may get upset, angry or worse.

When they eventually realises that the whole scene was set up as a joke then everyone laughs and the one who has been made a fool of also laughs.

No matter how serious a situation we are in, if we can step back and see it in a detached way, objectively, the scene will become diluted and lose its force. The potential reaction will seem extreme and even funny. It will save us from a myriad of emotions and upheaval.

Keep in mind that the scene will pass and then it is gone … Just watch yourself as if you are on ‘Candid Camera’!

Om Shanti

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