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The Control Factor


Situations happen – they are a part and parcel of life and with them come stress, pain, tension and worry. However these are not a part and parcel of life – they are actually a choice we make.

Situations, people, nature, circumstances etc.. are beyond our control – they have their own momentum and path. When we are not willing to let go of that which we cannot control then we choose to move into a space of stress, worry and tension.

Acceptance and the willingness to let go and move on allows us to protect ourselves from these negative by-products of wanting to control.

Letting go of control is not just a physical thing – it is about mentally and emotionally letting go of the need to control a situation.

In the face of challenges, If we are able to stop and step into our inner space and see another perspective then it will allow us to free ourselves and move on. The longer we hold onto something, in the hope to control or change the outcome, the harder it will be to let go because the deeper will be the mental and emotional bonds to it.

When we realise the futility of control we will be able to turn to ourselves and instigate a more positive change from within.

Om Shanti

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They say that whatever is destined will happen.

Whether I win or lose, whether there is happiness or pain … it is predestined.

But who is it that holds the pen that writes my destiny? Who decides whether I will experience sorrow and pain or happiness and joy? Who is it that decides?

We may be surprised to learn, we may even dis- believe, that the one that holds the pen that writes our destiny is I and only I!

It is the Law of Karma – action and reaction are equal and opposite. The seeds I chose to plant today will determine the fruits that I reap tomorrow.

It is an accurate and absolute law…there is no escape from the results of karma. Today, tomorrow, next year or even next birth…it will give its return.

And about God, what can He do to help?
He cannot change my action and so He cannot change the result of my action – it is as simple as that.

I am the one that chooses my every thought, my every word and my every action …. therefore let me choose wisely!


Om Shanti

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The Blame Game


What is the lens through which blame is seen?

Blame is a habit we develop which allows us to justify our pain and suffering.

One can experience pain for many reasons; however it is an option to suffer. When I am not willing to let go of what I cannot control, then I am making a choice to suffer. That suffering then becomes the reason to blame something or someone for my pain.

We get used to suffering and think it is part of life, but it is actually a choice we make. It is also a choice to be happy. By harbouring feelings of suffering we erode our own ability to be happy.

This is known as the Blame Game which we play with ourselves. It becomes our way of dealing with pain. By playing the blame game we give ourselves permission to hold on to suffering. We become a victim and in doing so we lose the power to change the situation.

Don’t play the game. Transform the pain.

Om Shanti

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The Face of Ego

The sign of ego is pain.If I experience pain, then understand that ego is present.

We feel pain and blame it on things happening outside. But in fact the pain is caused by ego, which is internal

Ego is the cause of ill feelings; feelings generated by not receiving respect or praise. Stubbornness and needing to prove I am right is also connected to ego – ego of control.

Ego is based on deep insecurities and fear within. We deal with it by holding onto and controlling things. Thus ego puts up defences and objections. It brings limitations to the self.

It is very present and active in our lives and yet we cannot see its face. It remains hidden and pretends to be our friend. That is the greatest deception and the real cause of pain.

Kill the ego. Kill the pain.


Om Shanti

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